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Dr. RWEZIMULA Encourages Taining With VETA Practices

Dr. RWEZIMULA Encourages Taining With VETA Practices

Deputy Secretary General Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Tanzania , Dr. Franklin Rwezimula has encouraged VETA Colleges to provide practical training, to enable young people to acquire skills and become proficient in the fields they are studying.

Dr. Rwezimula has given this opinion on August 9, 2023 while talking to leaders and students of VETA College of Iringa Region regarding the implementation of training in various fields.

He said that Tanzania needs young people who are loaded with knowledge in various fields to be able to help the community as well as earn an income for themselves to improve their lives.

“The goal of VETA is to provide skills in various fields, it is our hope that these 64 VETAs that will be built in each district will encourage good education and strengthen practical training for young people,” said Dr. Rwezimula

He has explained that the government realizes that there will be a great need for Vocational Training Teachers at various levels, so it is preparing strategies to ensure that those Teachers are available when the Colleges are completed.

In addition to congratulating the teachers, he has instructed them to increase their efforts in teaching basic subjects, including Mathematics and Engineering Science in order to increase the understanding and success of students.

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