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Ekiti EYiA Program Registration 2023 ( Monthly Stipend Available)

Ekiti State Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in conjunction with Soiless Farm Lab announces Enterprise for Youth in Agriculture.

Dear Ekiti youths who have applied to participate in the Enterprise for Youths in Agriculture (EYiA) program, kindly check your email to see updates on selection. For further inquiries, please send an email to: Ekitiagribusiness2022@gmail.com . All the best.

Those yet to apply can do so with the link provided at the bottom of this page.


You will be 1000 in a batch and 50 in a group. 50 of you form a cluster, assigned 3 plots to build 4 greenhouses and hydroponics systems. You will be divided into 4 units: technical, logistics, branding and agronomists. The technical will be trained in various areas: couplers, plumbers, electricians, welders and bricklayers.


You will learn how to map land You will create a brand for your company You will setup 4 greenhouses and 4 hydroponics systems Learn how to manage the plants and how to run a profitable business


  • Free bed space
  •  Access to market
  • Free monthly stipends (N20,000 monthly)
  •  You get to own a company with your group
  •  Access to a community of young people with same mind set
  •  Free company registration, TIN, company seal, brand creation, roll up banner and complimentary cards.

ENTERPRISE FOR YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE The Free Training is for 3 months (July, August, September, 2023) We’d provide monthly stipends and free accommodation The training is fully physical (no remote or online option) Age: 18 years to 29 years

How To Apply

f you are interested in the Enterprise for Youths in Agriculture (EYiA) program, click the link below


STARTS: JULY 10, 2023

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Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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