Enugu SME Hackathon 2020 for Enugu State Residents ( $3,500 Cash prize )

Enugu SME Hackathon 2020 for Enugu State Residents

Deadline: July 24th 2020

Enugu SME Hackathon 2020 for Enugu State Residents ( $3,500 Cash prize )

Enugu SME Hackathon is a hackathon organised by the Enugu SME Center which focuses on solutions to address the changes to our ways of life and business as a result of Covid-19.

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the way we live our lives and how we conduct business. The world’s operating system is being rewritten – we are at the onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are becoming increasingly interconnected and evolving at an exponential pace thanks to the internet and the emergence of disruptive next-generation technologies.

We are looking for young individuals to come up with ideas, innovation, products or services that can make an impact in the society. We are looking for Technology-based ideas, Non technology-based ideas, Tech founders and Non-Tech founders. If you have an interesting product or idea, please apply with the link below, and you will be given a grant to work on the idea.

How to participate – Enugu SME Hackathon 2020

Choose from any of these categories:
  • Small Business Tools
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Other use cases and services.
Ensure your idea is well thought through, giving details on the product, insights and strategy that will make the idea a success.


Submit your ideas application and upload a presentation or short summary about the idea before July 24th.
Submissions will undergo preliminary assessment. The proposals that are judged to be most promising and fit into the areas of interest may be invited for defense of the proposals before a decision is taken on winners.
Idea Presentation Format
Submit a short presentation of your idea in 5 pages or less with the following points.
  • Background
  • How it works (Product / Idea / Service)
  • Areas of Application
  • Founder’s Profile


NGN 150,000.00
The winning startup will be supported with up to USD 3,500 to grow and expand their business.
First Runner
NGN 100,000.00
Second Runner
NGN 75,000.00
Other benefits for the winners include:
Mentorship, Business Advisory, Product Development, Technical Support, Media publicity, Digital marketing support, Financial advisory services.
I am not a citizen of Enugu State, but I live in Enugu State. Can I participate?
Yes, you can participate. Ensure that you follow the “Idea Presentation Format” while submitting.