Equip 60 000 Youths and Women Training Duration

Equip 60 000 Youths and Women Training Duration

EQUIP is a White foundation free capacity building and empowerment program for youth and women who are unemployed, underemployed, financial incapacitated or who just wants to upskill, stay relevant and build an enterprise.
Application is open. It’s first come first served.

How Long Is Equip Training – Equip 60 000 Youths and Women Training Duration


  • ⁃  This training is in Four (3) stages.

    ⁃  The First Stage will be 100% online and will last for Two -Three (2-3) weeks.

    ⁃ The Second Stage (also virtual) will be interactive practical sessions that will last for Two (2)Weeks.

    ⁃ The Third Stage will be an Intensive Bootcamp for top performers.

    • The Last stage is business pitching for grant award.

    ⁃ Participants are allowed a maximum period of 5 weeks to attempt and finish all the training.

    ⁃ Completing the First stage earns you a certificate.

    • Successfully completing the first two stages offers you the opportunity to compete to win grants.
    To register, CLICK HERE

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