Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship 2020 Program

Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship 2020 Program

Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship 2020 Program

Using Forbes Ignite’s vast network of experts, we will explore and create opportunities that will solve health care related problems through AI related technologies.

The fellowship program is curated for intellectually curious changemakers in the healthcare and AI fields. New voices, creative ideas, and innovation are missing from these industries and they are urgently needed.

Thirty women from across the globe will step in and create these long overdue solutions. Fifteen of these changemakers will be from The Middle East and will simultaneously help in the creation of a broader effort to empower women from The Middle East to pursue new data-driven career paths.

By finding these solutions, you’ll enhance your:

  • Skills: Changemakers in AI & Healthcare learning from each other

  • Strategic Thinking: Making and communicating business cases

  • Mastery of Complexity: Navigating complex adaptive systems

  • Innovative Vision: Systematically uncovering possibilities

  • Creative Leadership: Turning uncertainty into opportunities

Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship 2020 Program Eligibility

Participants include thirty women from across the globe, fifteen of which will be changemakers from The Middle East.


Humanity has reached an inflection point. It has never been more vital to finally solve the systemic healthcare challenges that are affecting the lives and livelihoods of billions. We have a responsibility to come together and use our diverse skills and knowledge to create a lasting impact. Uniting experts in healthcare and AI, we’ll find solutions that bridge the latest thinking in human centered design, healthcare, and data science. As a participant, you will:


Make your mark by creating innovative solutions that will affect the lives of billions.


Explore the complexities of healthcare and AI through the eyes of other interdisciplinary leaders and rising changemakers in The Middle East.


Open your mind to a new world of ideas that will help you hone your craft, see your innovative solutions come to life, and drive change.


The Impact Fellowship will be held through virtual collaboration allowing for participants and experts to come together across the globe. Sessions will take place weekly and run up to 15 hours per week.


Apply before: 11/16/2020

First round applicants selected: 11/24/2020

Program starts: January 2021

Program ends: April 2021



For more Information: Visit the webpage for Forbes Ignite Impact Fellowship 2020 Program