FRIDA Global Advisory Committee Recruitment for Young Feminist Activists 2020

FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is recruiting passionate and committed young feminist activists to join its South, South East Asia & the PacificCaribbean and Central Europe Eastern Caucasus and North Asia Advisory Committees  in 2020! 

Since its founding,  FRIDA has relied on a Global Advisory Committee made up of young feminist activists from all over the world. These Advisors play a key role in the following areas:

  • Facilitating FRIDA’s annual participatory grantmaking process by conducting outreach, screening applications, reviewing final results, supporting with due diligence.
  • Supporting with grantee partner capacity strengthening and communication of regional strategic priorities with FRIDA .
  • Informing strategic and programmatic decisions in various areas of FRIDA’s organisational mission through thematic and expert input.
  • Informing FRIDA’s strategic direction every 5 years.

Regional Divisions:

  • South, South East Asia and the Pacific,
  • Central, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central and North Asia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean ( sub-regions)
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • We are looking for young feminist activists across two broad age categories:
    • Young feminist activists aged 13-19 years to join Advisory Committee as Girl Advisors
    • Young feminist activists  under 35 years, at the time of application, to join our Advisory Committee
  • Three or more years demonstrated commitment to advancing girls, women, trans and intersex youth rights, equality and non-discrimination and feminist movement building;
  • A good command of the English language is important. However, functional competence in English is acceptable, provided that applications are fluent in at least one other widely spoken language within their region.
  • A good command of at least one regional and/or local language is desirable but not mandatory.

Interested to join the global advisory at FRIDA? Here are some useful links to get you started on the application process:

  • Click here to read the call for applications to FRIDA’s global advisory in English to understand the specific needs of this call. You can also read the call in PortugueseSpanish and French.
  • Click here to read the Terms of Reference document explaining the advisory role at FRIDA in detail [English only]
  • Click here to complete the FRIDA advisory application form, no later than January 5, 2019, and send it to us. You can also access the form in PortugueseSpanish and French.
  • Still have questions? Read some FAQS here. If you still have any queries, please email us at [email protected]

For more Information: Visit the website for

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