Gauteng 2023 Admission – Cant Select School List In feeder Zone Issues Resolved

Gauteng 2023 Admission – Cant Select School List In feeder Zone Issues Resolved


The 2023 Online Admissions System experienced a challenge with Google Maps when the application period for Grade 1 & 8 opened on Friday, 22 July 2022.

The GDE Online Admissions System was temporarily restricted by Google Maps due to reaching a maximum of 6000 requests per minute, which resulted in parents not being able to view and select schools when applying.

Subsequently, this challenge was effectively resolved within 30 minutes after the System opened at 08:00 AM, and parents were able to proceed with their applications.
As of Friday noon (12:00 PM), over 165 000 Grade 1 & 8 applications were successfully processed by the Online Admissions System.

As Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) opens its portal for adission for Grade 1 and 8 Parents/guardians can visit to apply or visit any one of our Decentralised Walk-In Centres.

However for those having issues selecting schools from the list, here is how you can resolve such issues.

What is a school feeder zone?
A school feeder zone is a demarcated residential area and geographical location from which a school admits learners.
How do I know which feeder zone covers my home address?

To view School Feeder Zones that cover your home address, login to

  • Select the “Home” application option
  • Type in your address
  • All the schools with feeder zones that cover your home address will appear on a drop-down list
How can I make sure that my child is accepted at a school close to my home address?
  • When Registering your details (Step 1), make sure that you type in your home address accurately
  • When Applying (Step 3), select Home Option to see the list of schools with feeder zones that cover your home address. Apply to the schools that are closest to your home address
  • Note that placement is prioritised on Home Address within Feeder Zone and based on the number of spaces available at the school.
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