GDE Admission 2022 Online Application for Grade 7 Learners (Phase 1)

Deadline: 3rd September 2021

GDE Admission 2022 Online Application for Grade 7 Learners (Phase 1)

Application of learners that are currently in Grade 7 in public schools in Gauteng South Africa to Grade 8 for the 2022 academic year is open.

Your Child’s Education Matters! Apply Online to secure your child’s space in a public school.


Before parents/gaurdians can apply, they must provide accurate parent and learner details to schools where their children are currently in Grade 7.

• From Monday, 2 August 2021-6 August 2021, primary schools will verify and update parents/gaurdians’ details including the cellphone number, ID number and home address.

• It is important that parents/gaurdians provide ONE reliable cellphone number so that they can receive important SMS notifications regarding the application process.

• This process is very important because from 10 August 2021, an SMS notification with a LINK will be sent to parents to complete the 5-step application process.

• The parent/gaurdian will be required to verify the cellphone number on the system before starting the 5-step application process.

• If a parent uses a cellphone number that differs from the one provided to the school, the system will prompt the parent to contact the school to correct the number.
• Accordingly, every step of the application process will be confirmed via SMS for security nad verification purposes.

• Parents who apply to Schools of Specialisation must ensure that they contact the schools to arrange for the auditions or admission tests.

• After submitting the application, parents need to upload or submit certified copies of supporting documents to the school they applied to within 7 days.

Log on: Or call: 0800 00 07 89

GDE Admission 2022 Online Application for Grade 7 Learners (Phase 1)

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