Global Sustainable Development Network (GSDN) – Country Representative Application 2020

Global Sustainable Development Network- Country Representative Application 2020


Global Sustainable Development Network (GSDN) – Country Representative Application 2020

“Creating a Global space for Global citizens”

Global Sustainable Development Network (GSDN) is a Non- Governmental Organization founded on November 4, 2017. The organization carries out its functions under four major working Groups;

● Poverty Reduction, Health & Well-Being Commission
● Environmental Preservation Council
● International Commission for Education, Peace and Partnerships
● Economy, Science, Technology and Innovation Commission

GSDN contribute to global and regional developments by enabling dialogue between its members, and by proposing different initiatives that will foster a sustainable world. The organization aim at becoming one of the world’s most effective institution that help governments and other institutions find solutions to problems and develop partnerships.

What we do?
● Promote Sustainable Development
● Advocate for the preservation of our environment
● Build Partnerships with International Organization’s, Government’s, NGO’s and Civil Society
● Help find solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges affecting our World

Role of the Working Groups:
● Develop programs and initiatives that will help us achieve prosperity through partnership, economic growth and sustainable development.

Regional Steering Committee- Country Representative Applications

Calls are open to join as Country Representative in the Regional Steering Committee. As a Country Representative, your tasks would include coordination with the local organizations, GSDN, facilitating youth engagement within the GSDN system on a regional / country level on issues relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and working with youth and youth organizations of that region, supporting Global Sustainable Development Summit and the High-Level Group on Sustainable Development.