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Good Therapy Counseling Internship Program 2023

Good Therapy Counseling Internship Program 2023

Good Therapy Counseling is seeking an intern from a Master of Art therapy program in 2023. The internship will be an in-person, private practice training program.

Good Therapy Counseling has a structured internship program supervised by Emily DuBach, LCPC, ATR-BC. This internship program focuses on training future counselors to be successful therapists in a private practice setting.

We take interns from Master of Counseling and Master of Art Therapy programs.

Good Therapy works with clients throughout the lifespan. Our clients come to Good Therapy Counseling with different mental health disorders, which provides interns with a variety of learning opportunities. We focus on fostering a long-term therapeutic relationship with clients and their support systems.

Training focuses on counselor identity, training development, ethics, theory, and developing and mastering basic skills. Electronic health record training and intake/scheduling will also be provided.

Good Therapy Counseling is familiar and utilizes CACREP requirements regarding training and supervision by an LCPC.


  • Hard working and eagerness to learn
  • In person availability for therapy sessions
  • Evening hours to accommodate a private practice setting
  • Available at least 1-2 virtual days to experience working in the intake department
  • Open to working with a variety of different mental health disorders
  • Organized and able to meet deadlines
  • Available for one hour of weekly individual supervision
  • Available for a virtual mandatory staff meeting which is every six weeks
  • Has to be enrolled in a CMHC Master’s Program
  • Submission of liability insurance that is provided by the institution

All internship inquiries are to include an updated resume and cover letter sent to: 

Emily DuBach, LCPC, ATR at [email protected]
CC: [email protected]

Good Therapy team of licensed professional counselors and therapists have experience treating a variety of mental and emotional health issues including:

Couples Counseling
Marriage Counseling
Teen and Adolescent Counseling
Substance Abuse
Sexual Abuse

Anger Management
Inattention and Hyperactivity
Behavior Disorders

Eating Disorders
Family Conflict & Divorce
Poor Self-Esteem

Whatever life transition or personal struggle you are going through, you can get collaborative, caring, and connected counseling services in our two Naperville locations with Good Therapy.

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