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KFS Green Army Job Application 2023 for Kenyans

Green Army Job Application 2023 for Kenyans – Nursery Attendants (Unskilled Green Army) – Temporary Contract Terms – REF KFS/GA/ 2023 – KFS GRADE 12 – (4000) POSITIONS

Entry Requirements :

  • Must be a Kenyan Citizen aged 18 years and above
  • Must be a resident of targeted county, sub county and ward;
Job Title              :             Nursery Attendants (unskilled)

Work stations   :             300 KFS Tree Nurseries across the country

Terms of service:            Temporary Contract Terms

Monthly Wage  :             KES 8,631- KES 16,401, depending on work stations as categorized and determined by the Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act (Cap. 229)

Other benefit    :             NSSF and NHIF cover

Employment duration: One year (2023/2024 FY), renewable depending on satisfactory performance and available budget.

The Nursery Attendant will be responsible for propagation and maintenance of seedlings in KFS Tree Nurseries, and shall report to the Nursery Headman.

  1. Collection and mixing of nursery soil in the recommended ratio;
  2. Filling of polytubes and bags (potting) and germination and “Swaziland’ beds” with mixed nursery soil;
  3. Sowing of seeds and pricking out of seedlings;
  1. Collection and sowing of wildlings;
  2. Tending of seedlings including; watering, weeding, root pruning, application of fertilizer, manure and pesticides,  as well as hardening of seedlings;
  3. Cleaning and maintenance of nursery compound, tools and equipment and the general nursery infrastructure
  4. Participate in tree planting and firefighting activities

The County Forest Conservators of KFS shall ensure that the recruitment of “Green Armies” in their respective counties. Is open and transparent, by observing of the following;

  1. The advertisement should be openly displayed in key public areas, such as all KFS offices; County , Sub-County and Assistant County Commissioners Offices;  County Government Offices; as well as Chiefs  Offices in the respective targeted locations and sub-locations;
  2. Vetting and recruitment of “Green Army” should be done on site in each of the targeted KFS Tree Nurseries;

Distribution of Green Army by KFS Tree Nurseries, Counties and Conservancies


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