Gauteng 2024 Online Admission Placement Period for Grade 1 and 8 Begins

Gauteng 2024 Online Admission Placement Period for Grade 1 and 8 Begins

Gauteng 2024 Online Admission Placement Period for Grade 1 and 8 Begins

Gauteng Placement Period for Grade 1 and 8 Begins. In Gauteng, parents and guardians who applied for 2024 schools can now anticipate receiving offers for school placement for their kids. The provincial department of education indicated that school placement offers would start to be made this week.

Starting from today, 4 September 2023, the 2024 Online Admissions Placement Period for Grade 1 and 8 will kick off and continue throughout the remainder of the year until all learners are placed.

During the Placement Period, parents and guardians with complete applications will begin to receive SMS notifications containing placement offers sent to the contact numbers they provided during the application period.

Following this, parents and guardians will need to access using their login details to either confirm an offer as final OR to accept while keeping an eye out for other options.

All offers must be accepted within 7 days to secure placement.

Placement Criteria

Parents and guardians are reminded that the placement offers are based on the following criteria considered in order of priority below (NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVED):
1. Home address within the school’s feeder zone
2. Sibling(s), Previous School
3. Work address within school’s feeder zone
4. Home address within 30km radius
5. Home address beyond 30km radius

Placement Period:

Starts from 4 September 2023 and continues throughout the year,
Placement offers will be sent out via SMS on a continual basis until all learners are placed,
Not all applicants will receive an SMS on the first day of the placement period, but applicants can expect an SMS anytime from 4 September and throughout the course of the year, Offers need to be accepted within 7days as final OR accepted while waiting for other offers.

In the event an SMS states that your child has been placed at a certain school, this will be regarded as successful final placement to the mentioned school, There will be no need for a parent/ guardian to access the system to accept an offer in that regard, because the child would be placed at the mentioned school. to secure placement.

Parents and guardians are also reminded that placement according to the above criteria is determined by the capacity of each school.

How to Accept an Offer of a Learner Placement

The Gauteng Online Admissions website must be visited by parents when they get a placement offer from the department in order to confirm that the offer is final or to accept while looking into alternative possibilities.

According to the Department, it counts as a successful final placement to the named school if the SMS indicates that a kid has been assigned to a particular school. The offer can be accepted by these parents without them having to go to the admissions page.

Placing Unplaced Students

The department states that all learner placements depend on the availability of space in each school and the importance of the placement criteria.

As a result, applicants who cannot be accepted at the schools they applied to because those institutions are full will receive placement offers at the next closest school with space.

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