HCLTech Grant – Climate Action Americas 2023

HCLTech Grant – Climate Action Americas 2023

HCLTech Grant – Climate Action Americas 2023 – We’re looking to supercharge innovative, replicable, scalable and sustainable climate solutions. If the work you do fits the following criteria, our mission is to amplify your impact.

Nearly a decade ago, HCLTech (India) Grant  was launched through HCLFoundation to enable cross-sector collaboration and empower not-for-profit organizations in the fields of health, education and environment to play a decisive role in building a stronger, future-ready India. Today, the HCLTech Grant has invested nearly $16 million towards groundbreaking projects and is recognized as one of the largest grant programs in India, impacting over 27,000 villages across 22 states. HCLFoundation which delivers the corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda of HCLTech in India has impacted more than 5.5 million lives, harvested 57.9 billion litres of water runoff, greened and brought under community management around 66,000+ acres of land, planted 1.45+ million saplings, treated and protected 70,000 animals, through a cumulative investment of ~$150 million over a decade. Moreover, in Americas, 100,000 native saplings have been planted across US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

We’re proud to bring our cross-sector learnings and innovations from India to the Americas in the space of climate action. To further its commitments as enshrined in its Global CSR Policy, HCLTech will be granting $5 million over five years to impact-focused, Americas-based not-for-profit organizations to supercharge their replicable, scalable and sustainable projects focused on climate action. Three organizations will be selected each year—first place will receive $500,000 and two runners-up will receive $250,000 each for a one-year project.


  • The organization’s bylaws should expressly permit engagement in purpose-driven projects and, where relevant, climate action initiatives, in accordance with the legal regulations of the country of registration.
  • The proposed project must be designed for direct implementation by the applicant organization. Sub-granting of HCLTech funds is not allowed.
  • The grant amount must not be used solely for infrastructure development / purchase of fixed assets like land, buildings, and vehicles, among others. Further, proposed infrastructure development costs must be spent in line with project objectives and activities defined.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant organization, including its governing body members, must not have any pending litigations.
  • The applicant organization must not be blacklisted by any government agency, department, ministry, donor or international agency.
  • The organization muEligibility Criteriast not have faced cancellation of its license, registration or membership from the country-specific regulatory or statutory body.
  • The applicant organization or its board members or employees must not have any political or religious affiliations.

An inability to fulfill either of the abovementioned prerequisite eligibility guidelines or presentation of inaccurate and/or false information for the same will disqualify the applicant organization from the HCLTech Grant, rendering them ineligible to apply for further rounds.

Our Selection Process Values

  • Robust
  • Transparent
  • Democratic

Project Duration

Grant duration and scope: We are accepting proposals for one-year climate action-focused projects that contribute to one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For the grant cycle spanning from 2023 to 2024, the HCLTech Grant – Climate Action (Americas) will allocate a sum of $1 million among three select climate action-oriented organizations.

Proposal scope: Proposals are inclusive of both new projects, from the idea or inception stage, as well as ongoing climate action-focused projects that the applicant organization is currently engaged in.

The proposal’s approach to climate action is inclusive of, but not limited to, indicative focus areas such as wildlife and biodiversity conservation; land and ocean action; clean energy; climate advocacy; campaigns; and climate risk reduction. The proposed project can encompass approaches to climate action through adaptation, mitigation and resilience, amongst others.

Eligible locations in the Americas

Applicant organization must be registered  where the proposed project will be implemented in one of the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • United States of America

For more Information: Visit the website for HCLTech Grant – Climate Action Americas

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