Helb Disbursement News Today 17th February 2022

Helb Disbursement News Today 17th February 2022

Helb latest news today, we will be providing answers to your questions concerning the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) disbursement 2022 in various batch.

Question: It’s now past one month after verification not yet given batch number, nothing has been done, please update my status Id number 40204456.

Helb Official Page: Hi, the batch numbers for SEM 1 tuition 3891 was paid to the institution, upkeep batch 3906 yet to be paid, and SEM 2 tuition batch 3970 and upkeep batch 3941 are in progress you will get an SMS upon disbursement.

Question: Viongos nn iko na noma na 3913 ..ZW OR MM.

Helb Official page : haina ile, tunaishughulikia ikufikie soon, please be patient

Question: I’m asking my batch number,it was change from 3871 to 3911 and when it disbursed to my account. Yet one month has passed.

Helb Official page: we are currently working on your batch number, please allow it some more time.

Question: My status had not change ,40237639,what is wrong?

Helb Official Page: Greetings, your application has passed verification stage, kindly await allocation and disbursement.

Question: I’d 35755193 loan status plz.

Helb Official Page: Hi, we have booked your allocation for payment and will notify you via SMS once we credit your account.

Question: Same to me , verified since January,is there anything wrong Id 40335299?

Helb Official Page: Hi, you will receive an email alert upon allocation which is in progress.

Question: I have been patient enough, hope today ni tangazo! Tangazo!!! Batch 3913?

Helb official page: Hi, we are really working towards this batch and upon disbursement we will alert you on this.

Question: Manzee 3911 mbaka lini? Hii soon yenyu tumengoja Kwanzia Last month…

Helb official Page: Niaje, hii inashugulikiwa ikishalipwa utajulishwa.

Question: Hope today is the payday for batch 3913.

Helb Official page: Hi, we are doing our best to have it paid out soon, please be patient ^.

Question: batch number 3892 rada ni gani.

Helb official page: Mambo, hii ishalipwa check with the student finance office..

Question: 3911.. thanks in advance.

Helb official page: Hi, we are trying our best for it to be released upon which an SMS notification will be sent once completed.

Question: 3871 what’s the problem.

Helb official page: Hi, this batch number is currently being worked on, please allow it some more time.

Question: 3871 we can now smile.. Hopes it will be paid today ama niaje.

Helb Official Page: Hi, kabisah kabisah malipo ziko karibu sana.

Question: I’d number 40264242,It is just verified,is there any problem

Helb official page: Hi, no problem with the application it was verified successfully awaiting allocation, once done you will be notified through an email..

Question: batch number ID 35937156.

Helb Official page: Hi, batch 3970 and 3941 which are being worked on we will alert you upon disbursement..

Question: Hello what happened to loan application of ID 39856828.

Helb official page: Hi, the verification was done, allocation is in progress upon which you will be informed once done.

Question: Hello , Kindly it has been now 3 weeks since the verification of my loan application please when are you assigning the batch number??? ID 39446041.

Helb official page:  Hi, loan verification was done, allocation is in process we will alert you once done.

Question: 3911 ikoje leo.

Helb Official page: Mambo, batch imelipwa utachill siku tatu pesa ireflect kwa bank account yako.

Question: mabro mlitufanya aje sasa from 3871 to 3913 we ok mliua hopes anyway mnalipa lini.

Helb official page: Hi, we are finalizing on this batches disbursement processing, once done we will communicate .

Question: Leo ata siwaulizi kitu wakuu mkijisikia mtaeka pesa tu 3913.

Helb official page: Hi, this batch will be disbursed soon, and you will be notified upon payment..

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