Helb Disbursement News Today 3rd February 2022

Helb Disbursement News Today 3rd February 2022

In todays latest News on Loan disbursement news 2022 – We have collated the latest news on helb responses to loan disbursement in batches. If you are looking for helb news update for January 2022, then you have come to the right place.  Read on…

Question: Pay batch 3837 submission ni baadae after you credit the remaining batch numbers.

Helb official Page: Hi , please be patient, as soon as the batch is ready we shall inform you.

Question: Apo mezzarine room 1 customer service wamesema eti 3835 ni leo akasema watu wa ICT wanatulaghai…mimi huyo hadi bank

Helb official Page : ngojea aghalau SMS ya 72 hours.

Question: There you are…hamwezi jibu tweets zangu…mnangojea siku mtalipa ndio mniambie this has been paid…ok Kama kawaida batch 3835 ikifika mnireply.

Helb Official Page: Niaje, ikifika tu hivi, tutakujulisha.

Question: When does loan repayment starts?

Helb official page: Hi, Undergraduate Loan Repayment starts within one year of completion of studies or within such a period as the Board decides to recall the loan, whichever is earlier . The repayment modes are http://www.helb.co.ke/?ic_mega_menu=repay-loan.

Question: 3837 Mtalipa ama hapana,^YES^NO

Helb official Page : Yes, soon, once its ready

Question: HELB mmeamua HamtaHELP students.

Helb official page : Niaje, tunafanya juu chini tuwasort soonest.

Question: 3890 Why flop our dream? is it okay with you if we suffer?God watches everything that we go through.amen!

Helb official page: Hi, we are working on it, and will notify you via SMS once we credit your account, kindly be patient.

Question: 3871 ,tunafungiwa manyumba kesho jameni,tusaidieni plz

Helb official page: Alfred, we kindly request you to wait, as this batch number is yet to be processed fully

Question: 3835 jameni,,,,,nmekosa daro niende mjengo,,,,,hii pesa mnaeka lini kindly???

Helb official page : Captain, pesa ikiwa ready tutawasort, for now kindly be patient .

Question: When is the payment for batch no. 3870.

Helb official Page : once its ready we shall inform you, kindly bear with us .

Question: When are you dispersing the money?

Helb official page: Hi, please be patient, we shall let you know as soon as we complete processing your batch number.

Question: 3846 wakuu tafadhali

Helb official page : Pennywise, hii ipee some more time

Question: 3835?

Helb official page: Hi, we shall inform you as soon as your batch number is paid, kindly be patient.

Question: 3837?

Helb official Page: Hi, bado

Question: 3890

Helb official page: Hi, this is currently being worked on, please be patient.

Question: How does this makes sense, you allocate batch numbers to students accounts, after a short period the batch numbers are removed, can you be frank and let us know what was the reason behind that.

Helb official page :Good morning, we are working on the batch numbers, once ready for payment, we shall let you know.

Question:  Appeals watu wangu.

Helb Official Page: Hi, bado hatujafungua applications zake.

Question : 3835 today or what

Helb official page :  Kimutai, as soon as its ready, pap to you! Kindly be patience for now.

Question: Just answer me today when is batch number 3794,we are really stuffing.

Helb official page: Hi, as soon as this batch number is done processing, we shall alert you, please bear with us.

Question: Hello wakuu ,Kindly initiate payment of Batch 3890~things aren’t working on our side.

Helb Official Page : Hi, we are on it, kindly bear with us .

Question: 3794 please, naumia shule na njaa.

Helb official page: Kiptoo, pole, soon tutakusort, vumilia kiasi.

Helb Disbursement News Today 3rd February 2022

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