Helb latest News on Batch 3890 loan disbursement

Helb latest News on Batch 3890 loan disbursement

In todays latest news on helb loan disbursement – However, Kenya Higher Education Loans Board (helb) team are yet to respond to direct question why batch 3890 was scrapped from helb portal.

But according to HELB, Batch 3890 will be paid out in February 2022. Below are most of the questions helb beneficiaires ask helb when it comes to Batch 3890.

Question: Yaani wewe CK you just find it easy to reply to other batches but just responding to batch 3890 is a very big problem for you.

Helb Team: Hi, the batch is also in progress you will be notified once it is released.

Question: Normalize replying to every students question…because that your work ??? Batch number 3890 tunasubiri hadi lini ?

Helb Team: Hi, this is yet to be paid out, please wait .

Question: what of batch no 3890 and 3819 kindly

Helb Team: Hello,Kindly share your reachable phone number and account number via DM for follow up and assistance on the issue

Question: Why have you Guyz removed batch number 3890 from the portal… what’s not happening… what’s the way forward…??? Please give us a go ahead
Nitashukuru Mazee.

Helb Team: Good morning, please DM us your ID number


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