Helb latest news on Loan disbursement Today 2nd Janauary 2022

Helb latest news on Loan disbursement Today 2nd January 2022

Latest helb news today 2022, saw helb management give answers to questions surrounding the Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) disbursement. The helb team gave payment status update when or which Hleb batch have been paid recently or when they will be paid.

Question :Wakuu 3783 muliamua kabisa tutaonea viusasa ama Disappointed but relieved face

Helb Team: Hi, confirm with the bank after 3 working days this was paid.

Question: Wakuuu heshima yenu….nimefunga mwaka bila kakitu …mmefungia batch 3770/3783 kabsaaa …. otherwise mfunge vizuri pia na msababishe

Helb Team: Hi, batch 3770 was paid to the institution and 3783 to the bank confirm with the bank on the same.

Question: Hello HELB. I see Batch 3783 has been paid to account will it reflect?

Helb Team: Hi, yes it will after 3 working days.

Question: 3783 mgetuambia mapema ni next year fake promises muaje try to be frank in the coming days

Helb Team :Hi, please check with the bank after 3 working days this was paid.

Question: Wueee inaonekana batch 3808 ataeleka jiwe sasa

Helb Team : Niaje, hii iko in progress as soon as payment is done we will let you know

Question: Why is it that Eldoret Technical Training Institute isn’t in your system,i am searching but i don’t get,i have tried typing but it doesn’t allow me to proceed,it automatically become blank.

Helb Team: Hello, The institution is not supported in the TVET loans.

Question: Batch 3865 still waiting for the release, please check on that.

Helb Team: Hi, this is in progress we will alert you once the payment is done.

Question: Hello @HELBpage Batch 3833 & 3813 ni lini

Helb Team: Hi, payments zinashugulikiwa zikilipwa utajulishwa.

Question: Batch 3783 aje aje

Helb Team: Hi, we are pleased to inform you that this was released, check with the bank after 3 working days.

Question: Finally 3783

Helb Team: Hi, check with the bank after 3 working days, it was released.

Question: Batch 3783

Helb Team: Hi, this was disbursed check after 3 working days.

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