helb latest News today 22nd January 2022

helb latest News today 22nd January 2022

Helb latest news on disbursement – WE will be providing beneficiaries of HELB the latest news on Helb batch 3837, 3779, 3770, 3783, 3833, 3829 , 3871, 3808 3865 etc . This is the latest on Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) payment update for Saturday 22nd 2022. Below are question and answers concerning helb disbursement. Read On

Question: 3799

Helb Team: Good morning, please check this with your school finance, we released it juzi

Question: Hello ^CK,,,, why can’t you answer queries for 3870?

Helb Team: Hello, we are working on this batch upon releasing it you will definitely be alerted.

Question: 3835 tunakufaa.

Helb Team: Mambo, tunaelewa ndiposa tunaharakisha iwezekanavo utapata ujumbe ikishalipwa.

Question: 3837, manze let it be paid today

Helb Team: Hi, we are doing our best to have it released soon

Question: 3818

Helb Team: Hi, this we paid out kitambo

Question: 3835 update

Helb Team: Hi, this is at processing stage, please be patient

Question: Batch 3835 ni lini?

Helb Team: Hi, hii iko yet, ipee some more time

Question: 3846 ni lini

Helb Team: Hi, iko in process as soon as this is paid utajulishwa

Question: Wakuu nilinyanganywa batch number 3871,kuliendaje?

Helb Team: Niaje, tunaishugulikia process ikiisha utajulishwa kupitia SMS.

Question: Hi Aki 3831 woyee nothing in account

helb Team: Hi, please check after 48 working hours.

Question: I just need to know about batch 3837,what’s happening guys.

Helb Team: Hi, we are on its processing, kindly be patient

Question: 3890 ni lini wakuu

Helb Team: Hi, please be patient, we are working on it

Question: 3799 wakuu what wrong with it ? Sijui walisema kuna delay since 20th dec na mtaniupdate things when are ok but upto date no information. help please

Helb Team: please check this with your school finance, we released it juzi

Question: 3831 kunaendaje portal ni paid to account but bank ni null

Helb Team: Hi, confirm with the bank after 48 working hours are over.

Question: Batch 3831??? ID No 37304775

Helb Team: Hi, this was released check after 48 working hours

Question: 3870 ni lini wakuu

Helb Team: Niaje, inashugulikiwa ikishalipwa utajulishwa kwa SMS.

Question: 3870 3870 3870 3870 3870 3870 Leo ama??

Helb Team: Hi, we are working on your batch number, Kindly allow us some more time

Question: Fungua afya elimu loan tuwache kungojea iyo 3835 mwaka mzima wa matumaini,tutengeneze pesa zetu kw kufanyia watu application nao muwateze

Helb Team: Hi, poa, tunakuomba tu huwe mwenye subra

Question: What’s the batch number for 37103840

Helb Team: Hi, SEM 1 is booked under batch 3891 and 3906 upon releasing the batches you will be notified through an SMS.

Question: Wadosi hii 3835 mmetulia sana bana we are sleeping hungry

Helb Team: Hi, soon this will be history, please allow us to finish working on the batch number.

Question: Hello batch number 3871

Helb Team: Hello, the batch is being worked on you will be informed upon releasing it.

Question: you decided you are not going to provide help for TVET institutions,Batch 3799

Helb Team: lease check this with your school finance, we released it juzi

Question: mlisema 3831 ni after 72hrs na bado hatuoni kitu kwa account.

Helb Team: Hi, check after 48 working hours.

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