Helb latest News today 23rd February 2022

Helb latest News today 23rd February 2022

In todays latest Helb News – We have collated news on helb responses to loan disbursement in batches. If you are looking for helb news  for February 2022, then you have come to the right place. Read On

Question: Batch number 3941?

Helb official : Hi, this is in progress you will receive an SMS notification upon disbursement.

Question: 3912 tunakufa.

Helb Official: Hi, please be patient, in 72 hours, the funds should hit your account

Question: Rada ni gani n’a 3871 siku ndo hii inaenda kuisha or are we not suppose to benefit from it, ama sisi tunatumia petroli, Hai hapana tuambiane ukweli this is too much semeni kama iko ama hakuna mambo n’a soon hapana.

Helb Official : Hi, kindly be a little more patient, we are currently working on the payments.

Question: Nitatext kila siku mbaka mureply dm…sitachoka 40152498 inasema verified since December si mnipee batch number basi.

Helb official : Hi, your application has passed the verification stage, kindly be patient for allocation and disbursement.

Question: 3912

Helb official: Hello, this batch has been disbursed kindly check your bank account after 72hrs. Thank you for your patience.

Question: please disburse batch: 3912, 3914 and 3871 for today, this people are really suffering and starving, please do so.

Helb official: Hi, 3914 and 3912 have been released check after 3 working days, as for 3871 we are finalizing on the process we will update you.

Question: 3941 hope ndo inafingua disbursement za hii wiki leo.

Helb official: Hi, we are doing our best to have this paid, kindly be patient.

Question: Hizi batches mnalipa zilikua split from 3871 mbona mnarukaga hii batch I thought itapewa first priority.

Helb official : Niaje, hii sasa ndio iko jikoni, soon utaipata ikiwa motomoto, usife moyo.

Question: Pia leo 3941?? Aaaai mnazidi sasa.

Helb official: Hi, we are fast tracking the disbursement of the batch and you will be notified once done.

Question: Batch Number 3941 aje wakuu?

Helb official: Good afternoon, as soon as we pay it, we shall communicate to you.

Question:  Let me hope for batch no.3912 will be paid today or tomorrow.

Helb official: Nijae, imelipwa utacheck bank account yako after 3 working days.

Question: 3871 ni lini

Helb official :Hi, we are finalizing on this batch, an SMS notification will be sent upon disbursement.

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