Helb Loan Disbursement News Today 26th January 2022

Helb Loan Disbursement News Today 26th January 2022

In todays latest helb disbursement news WE will be providing beneficiaries of HELB the latest news on Helb batch 3837,3870,3835,3847,3837, 3779, 3770, 3783, 3833, 3829 ,3871, 3808 3865 etc . This is the latest on Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) payment update for Tuesday 26tth 2022. Below are question and answers concerning helb disbursement.

Question: 3828?

Helb Official: Hi, the batch has ben paid confirm with your bank account after 3 days.

Question: Another morning on an empty stomach, 3870 inakam lini before nikufe njaa.

Helb Official: Hi, a little time, and the money will reach you, please hold on.

Question: Batch 3871?

Helb Official: Hi, please be patient, bado tunaishughulikia

Question: 3828 n lini

Helb Official: Mambo, imelipwa utacheck after 3 days.

Question: ID 36568692 kindly confirm batch number, Alafu ni mpaka lini

Helb official: Hi, batch 3890 and 3819 which are in process we will communicate once released.

Question: why can’t I be able to apply for my subsequent loan?

Helb Official: Hi, we are yet to open the next applications .

Question: 3828

Helb Official: Hi, please check your bank within 72 hours for this batch 3828 payment

Question: id 37623247 kindly confirm my batch number and status review.

Helb Official: Hi, SEM 1 upkeep is booked under batch 3906 upon payment you will get an SMS.

Question: Helb ni scam. Mbna mmepea 3828 na sis mnaturuka tu ka mtaro.

Helb Official: Kakuta, kindly be patient as we are yet to complete your batch number processing.

Question: Mnapea batch 3828 na 3870 ndo mzee

Helb Official: Hi, ndio, lakini sio kwa sasa, hadi tuzimalizie, alafu ziwafikie

Question: Hi batch 3835 ni lini ama tuisahau

Helb Official: Mambo, tunafanya iwezekanavyo kulipa hii batch, tutakujulisha ikishalipwa

Question: I’d 39017944.whats wrong I have not received the 3800 kindly help

Helb Official: Good evening, hatujaituma bado, tukituma tutakujulisha, please be patient.

Question: Batch 3828

Helb Official: Hi, this has been paid check after 3 days with the bank.

Question: 3835…ni when?

Helb Official: Hi, tunaishughulikia bado.

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