Helb loan Disbursement News 13th January 2022

Helb loan Disbursement News 13th January 2022

In todays latest Helb News 13th January 2022– We have collated the latest news on helb responses to loan disbursement in batches. If you are looking for helb news update for January 2022, then you have come to the right place.Read on…..

Question: Alafu why are we given 18500 and not 20000 as it is supposed to be?

hELB Team: HI, please DM your ID number we look into your account.

Question: Hello,when is batch 3808 be paid?

Helb Team: Hi, we paid, please give it 2 days.

Question: Mbona 3808 sms bado

Helb Team: Wewe unangojea SMS ama pesa?

Question: 3862 mlikula ama?

Helb Team: Hahaha, hatuwezi ila, iko almost out though

Question: Thank you helb my account is now pregnant. Mlisema nakaa miaka ngapi ndo nianze kulipa after graduation?

Helb Team: Hi Tonnie, iko pregnant ama imejifungua jamani Smiling face with smiling eyes? Hiyo kulipa utaanza after 1 year ya kumaliza masomo, sio ya graduation , these are the repayment options http://bit.ly/LipaHELB , Thank you and we wish you all the best!

Question: What about batch 3831 ni lini wakubwa

Helb Team: Hi, please be patient as this is under processing

Question: Upkeep Batch 3808 bana inasema paid to account na account inasema  with hand over mouthaje sasa wakuu.

Helb Team: Hi, 72 hours bado kuisha ^

Question: Batch number 3770 and 3865,,when will it be paid

Helb Team: Hi, please them 2 days for 3865 , the other please check with the school finance .

Question: What’s wrong with my loan ,it has been allocated since September no disbursement , I’d 35938746.

Helb Team: Hi, we have booked your allocation for payment and will notify you via SMS once we credit your account.

Question: Hi helb I have not receive my loan for second semester and my just one month of working in certain a company I have been deducted the loan yet I haven’t finish my studies kindly check ID 36432818 plz its almost exams.

Helb Team: Hi, your disbursement is at processing stage, almost out, about the deduction, that’s okay, as it came towards repaying your loan.

Question: 3871 we are dying

Helb Team: Hi, please dont, its almost ready

Question: Batch 3831

Helb Team: Hi, please be patient , this batch number is currently being worked on.

Question: Mliamua 3831 hamtalipa tujue venye tutafanya?

Helb Team:Hi, we will pay this, please stay hopeful

Question: Why are you people not paying batch 3837

Helb Team: Mlisema hamtalipa acha tuone nani janjez^

Question: Batch 3831

Helb Team: Hi, please be patient , this batch number is currently being worked on.

Question: Hey my batch no has changed from 3837 to 3870

Helb Team: Hi, this is the current batch number under processing, please give it time.

Question: Hello, please check on ID No 37344857. Thank you.

Helb Team: i, your sem 2 batches are being worked on , please give them time.

Question: Kama 3831 ni feb niambie maoema niingie mjengo, kuliko ningoje in doubts na time inadonga. MM lini?

Helb Team: Hi, this batch number is currently being worked on, please be patient .

Question: Please receive my guarantors documents for loan verification Folded handsFolded handscheck inbox.

Helb Team: Hi, this is well received, we are working on your form verification.

Question: 3831 tupee specific date we are tired of tweeting on your timeline for the money we are supposed to repay upon maturity .

Helb Team: 30/12/3030.

Question: Good morning, batch 3819 ni lini

Helb Team: Next year