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Helb News On Loan Disbursement Today 25th February

Helb News On Loan Disbursement Today 25th February

In todays latest Helb News- We know most beneficiaries of helb want to know when their loan will be disbursed, In this post we have shared the latest answers to most of the questions asked by beneficiaries to helb concerning their loan disbursement

Question: Will i receive funds for this semester,,, sina opes walai coz nazungushwa sna verified till when for id 40263273

Answer: The delay is occasioned by budget constraints. We have a team working to turn things around. When this is done, we will communicate via email.

Question: Tumechoka 4675

Answer: Hello. We appreciate your patience, and we are working to have the funds disbursed soon. A communication will be done once this is done

Question: We’ve been on verification stage since last year buaaana

Answer: We appreciate the patience. Once we have turned this around, we will communicate.

Question: si mseme kama hamtatupea kwani inakaa verification for one year

Answer: The delay in allocation is due to budget constraints and we are working to turn this around. Lets keep the hope.

Question: Hello, 4597 what happened?

Answer: A small technicality with this batch but it is being addressed by our team.

Question: Wakuu naona ni kama nawasumbua,,hadi nyinyi pia ni binadamu,,,acha tuwaache mfanye job yenu manze,,,acha tuvumilie kukula Vago tu juu wee🤔🤔,,acha tusiwaharakishe juu pia nyinyi huchoka,,,mkirelease ni sawa tu but if not now then it will still be okay 4674

Answer: Thank you for understanding. We are working tirelessly to ensure that you these dreams are nurtured. Don’t loose hope because we assure you that you must benefit since the disbursements are still in progress.

Question: Kk banaaa 4660 ni leoo

Answer: Give us a little bit of time as we finalize on the payment of this batch number. Your patience is really appreciated.


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