Helb news today 30th January 2022

In todays latest helb disbursement news– WE will be providing beneficiaries of HELB the latest news on Helb batch 3837,3870,3835,3847,3837, 3779, 3770, 3783, 3833, 3829 ,3871, 3808 3865 etc . This is the latest on Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) payment update for Sunday January 30th 2022. Below are question and answers concerning helb disbursement.

Question: 3870

Helb Official : Hi, this is being worked on we will alert you once it is released.

Question: 3890 manze

Helb Official: Mambo, tunaishugulikia ikishalipwa utapata SMS.

Question: Hello morning HELBpage kindly any updates about 3794

Helb Official : Hi, we are working on this batch as soon as this is released we will let you know.

Question: 3909 mlitoa kwa portal  ….btw what was the problem

Helb Official: Hi, let this not trouble you, kila kitu iko sawa, once its paid, we will let you know.

Question: When are you paying batch number 3871 we are out of patience.

Helb official: Hi, do not give up, we are almost there,please hold on a little .

Question: Hello good [email protected] in the past weeks i have log in to my portal but it’s blank assist me kindly id number 40036165.

Helb official :Hi, loan verification is passed awaiting allocation upon which you will receive an email notification on the same.

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