Helb News Today 9th February 2022

Helb News Today 9th February 2022

In todays latest helb disbursement news 2022 : We have collated the latest news on helb responses to loan disbursement in batches. If you are looking for helb news update for February 2022, then you have come to the right place. Read on…

Question: Ooh munaamulia kunyamaza sasa

Helb Official page: Hi, this is well received, kindly be patient as we work on your document verification.

Question: Thanks Helb 3794 imeingia, nangoja tu message.

Helb Official: Hi, thank you for bearing with us during your batch number processing period, kindly check your bank within 72 hours, we have finally done the payment.

Question: Where is 3837 upkeep.

Helb Official: Hi, this is currently under processing, please be patient.

Question: Good morning HELB. Thank you for the tuition fees disbursement form batch 3875. When are you disbursing the upkeep money for the same batch?

Helb Official: welcome, upkeep and tuition batches are normally different, kindly DM your ID number we check.

Question: Why isn’t helb replying to any tweet about batches 3837 and 3870.

Helb official: Good morning, kindly be patient as these batches are yet to be released, but are currently being worked.

Question: Hey batch 3837 chezeni Kama nyinyi leo.

Helb Official: Hi, we are doing our best on this, please stay patient.

Question: Our able able brothers at anniversary towers good morning….confirm for me 3870 italipwa lini upkeep. Thanks alot.

Helb official page: we are working on its payment, to be released soon, please be patient .

Question: 3837.

Helb official page: Hi, currently under processing, please be patient.

Question: 39217228

Helb official page : Hi, we are working on paying your batch number 3909, and will notify you via SMS once we credit your account.

Question: I applied helb on date 23 December 2021,the status has registrated since then,ID 40047318…check on it.

Helb official page: kindly allow us to follow up on its verification for allocation, please be patient

Question: kindly allow us to follow up on its verification for allocation, please be patient.

Helb official page: Hello, I applied for the kakamega subsequent on 2nd and am not yet able to trace my loan status on the web, pls check if it was received, ??

Question: What about those who forgot to indicate the signature date.

Helb official page:  Hi, please allow us to verify your form and get back to you on it and any other that you might have missed.

Question: Afya elimu first time mlisema hamfungui

Helb official page: Hi, we are yet to open this application, please keep checking our social media pages for updates on when we open.

Question: Ebu mnisaidie procedure ya Ku repay this loan , I want to pay back.

Helb official page: Hi, when time is right for you, kindly access our payment modes http://bit.ly/LipaHELB 

Question: kindly kwa sisi wenye tuko na empty batch no ..mlitoa kwa portal …kuna hopes ama tungoje thursday?…it was batch 3909.

Helb official page: Good morning, we are yet to release your payment, please be patient .

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