House On Fire Artisanal ITC Incubator Programme 2023/2024 for Eswatini Youths

House On Fire Artisanal ITC Incubator Programme 2023/2024 for Eswatini Youths

House On Fire is a multi-faceted creative event and promotions company and venue based in eSwatini. For over 22 years, House On Fire has produced some of the region’s top music and arts events including its flagship event, the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival as well as the MTN Bushfire Festival. House On Fire also hosts a music / theatre venue and an art gallery, all within a beautifully developed site. It was founded by Jiggs and Sholto Thorne in 2000 to create a space for growing and developing the arts in Eswatini.

Between MTN Bushfire and the Standard Bank Food & Lifestyle Festival, over 100 SMEs/traders are able to benefit from these platforms. An informal trading area is set up and managed outside the festivals for local traders to benefit from the massive foot traffic.

House on Fire has partnered with The International Trade Centre (ITC) to provide an incubator programe for 10 MSMEs in Eswatini, building up to the 2 major festivals. The ITC is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations,  and is the only development agency that is fully dedicated to supporting the internationalization of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

The ITC-Alliances for Action project ‘Eswatini: Promoting growth through competitive alliances’, funded by the European Union (EU), supports job creation for small farmers, entrepreneurs and artisans.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are leading the way for value addition in country, and creating jobs for their communities in the process. ITC is working with the EU and the local government to support them and facilitate an enabling business climate. ITC also works closely with smallholder farmers, agro-processors and artisans in Eswatini to support them in ways that are sustainable and benefit both people and the planet. In this way, ITC fosters and preserves cultural heritage, and draws on artisan skills and concepts of green growth.

About the Incubator Programme:

  • The ITC Incubator Program is a one-year program designed to support / capacitate / grow 10 Swati MSME brands and support their products and business to become market ready. The program is implemented by House on Fire, with their team of consultants including Dala Spaces and Khokho Collection founder, International MSME’s trainers, local food industry professionals and the House on Fire festival team who manage over 200 traders a year through their various events, across food and hand-craft.
  • This program is open to MSME’s in the hand-craft and artisanal food sectors, and will include training, mentoring and two trading opportunities during the year where participants will get to trade with the public and experience first-hand feedback from customers.
  • We are looking for 10 brands to join a one-year incubator program:- The program will provide 10 mentoring sessions with experienced industry professionals- Training program across the handcraft and artisan food industries

    – Opportunity to trade at Luju Festival 2023 and Bushfire Festival 2024 – (if all the course criteria are met)

Selection Criteria:

– Entrepreneurs with hand-made products or packaged food/ drinks.

–  We are looking for a diverse group of entrepreneurs who’s business are in early stages of growth.

– Hand-made products (eg. handcraft, fashion, accessories, beauty, hair, home, lifestyle)

– Processed artisanal food products (eg. sauces, dried fruits, packaged foods, drinks)

–  Original ideas, or ideas with potential for development

–  Committed leadership

–  There is no age or gender limitation on who can apply for this program

–   You do not have to be at an advanced stage in your business, if your packaging or some aspects of your business are not developed please still apply

Commitment required:

–  Compulsory attendance of training programs at House on Fire

–  Cover your own transport to attend all training sessions

–  Be open to share your brand, product journey with other members of the cohort

–  Available to trade at Luju Festival 4-5th August 2023 and Bushfire Festival 30-2nd June 2024

–  Commitment to developing your brand, products and business

LUJU Festival Dates: 4th and 5th August 2023

Bushfire Festival Dates: May 30th -2nd June 2024

For queries please contact or

Incubator Programme closing date: 30 June 2023. Final selection by 7th July 2023

For more Information: Visit the website for ARTISANAL INCUBATOR PROGRAMME 2023/2024