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How do I Apply for TEFconnect 2022

How do I Apply for TEFconnect 2022

Applying for Tefconnect 2022 is very easy. In this post we will guide you on how to apply for tefconnect, we will share the criteria, eligibility and application process for tefconnect 2022.

Founded in 2010 by Nigerian investor Tony Elumelu, the foundation has been able to champion thousands of youth across Africa into creating their jobs for themselves and others by delving into the entrepreneurial field.

The foundation, backed by Tony Elumelu investment company heirs holdings, is currently active in all 54 African countries and has empowered at least 9000 young entrepreneurs since its launch in 2015.

Before you apply for tefconnect entrepreneurship program, there are factors applicants must look into before applying, applicants must first look at the criteria and eligibility because not everyone can.

Tefconnect 2022 Eligibility

1. Having a business idea or the business must be based in Africa
2. The business must be for profit
3. An existing business must be 0-3 years old
4. Applicants must be at least 18 and a legal resident or citizen of an African country.

How to Apply

For registered users:

• visit the official TEFconnect website www.TEFconnect.com and sign in.

• At the Home Page, Click on “PROGRAMMES,” and click APPLY on the TEF 2021 Programme.

• fill in the information required on the Application form as accurately as possible. Then click SUBMIT. Note that the application form is divided into four parts: Personal Information, Business Information, Cognitive Assessment, and Declaration.

• an eligibility status directing you TO CONTINUE OR NOT will be displayed on the screen and sent to your email.

• If you are eligible, an email will be sent from the TEF team to direct you on how to commence your “TRAINING.”

For first time users without a TEFconnect account

• visit the website and click on the register here icon to set up your account.

• After this, sign in with your new username and password. You will have to set up your profile and save it.

• After this, repeat the steps stated for registered users in the preceding section above.

Finally, It is essential that applicants’ information stay consistent with the information stated on their ID card Provided. Also, all relevant documents should be submitted as requested.

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program Application:

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Apply for Tefconnect HERE

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