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How EURAXESS Can Support Your Career As a Reseacher

Are you a researcher looking to optimise your career? EURAXESS supports you through the process, whether it is about engaging with academia, Industry or Entrepreneurship, with the help of its career development centres, policy recommendations, training resources, and more to come!

Career Orientation Tool

The “No limits” toolkit for researchers highlights resources to help you explore careers for researchers, including advice, quizzes, information and much more. Find out your needs, values and motivations and plan your development.

  • identify what’s important for you in your career
  • plan to build on your skills and knowledge
  • consider a wide range of career options.
  • make a plan to reach your professional development goals


Career Handbook for Young Researchers

A Career Development Plan (CDP) lets you explore your career possibilities, and set goals to follow the career path that fits you best. A CDP involves proactive planning and implementation of all the necessary action steps towards your career goals. These steps can evolve as you develop skills, change interests, or reconsider your career objectives.

Regardless of your career goals, your next job will not supernaturally materialise. The odds of gaining entry into any career path can dramatically improve if you have a plan clearly focused on your professional strategy.

The value of deliberate career planning is highlighted by an extensive body of scientific literature. Research shows that people who develop and implement strategies to pursue career-specific goals achieve greater career success as measured by remuneration, promotions, and level of responsibility. They also report greater career satisfaction and rate themselves as more successful than their peers compared to those without career plans. A study of 7600 postdoctoral researchers found that, postdocs who developed training plans with their advisors at the start of their appointments, reported greater satisfaction, published more papers, and experienced fewer conflicts with those advisers.

A CDP can be very beneficial, because by developing, implementing and reviewing your plan, you will be able to:

• Better recognise your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

• Fully realise and maximise your potential as both a researcher and a research leader.

• Be more proactive in seeking and making most use of the development opportunities that are available within and outside your Organisation.

• Equip you with more advanced skills, knowledge and techniques to carry out excellent research.

• Improve your ability to work effectively in your current role and preparing for future positions you may aspire to hold, within or beyond your Organisation.

• Become a world-class researcher, who can make a real-world impact on the wider environment.

• Successfully pursue your career aspirations, either in academia or beyond.

When is Career Development most effective?

Your Carrer Development Plan will be most effective if you start early, and continually update it. You may be at a point where you are considering your overall career development and growth in academia, or you are considering a career change. The EURAXESS Career Handbook and E-Tool offer some basic principles to help you contemplate on your career to date, and begin to formulate an ongoing career strategy.

Looking for examples of how to use the recommended processes and tools? #CareerStories can help explain when and how you can use the resources available, as they give examples by researchers at different stages of their careers.READ MORE

Virtual webinars & trainings

One can never learn too much! We offer a series of virtual seminars that follow the career path of a researcher. The trainers are experienced researchers in the area and/or career advisors. They are all members of EURAXESS network and mentors in our EURAXESS Mentoring program. All trainers provided their short bio, contacts and are available to consult you, answer your questions or comment your exercises . Access for free and learn more about soft skills, project management and other competencies that can help you boosting your research career.


EURAXESS Smart Talks

EURAXESS Smart Talks podcast offers a series of episodes related to research career, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Listen to the episodes through the main podcast players such as Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple and others.


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