How to Access KNEC CBA Portal login

The Kenya National Examinations council (KNEC) has developed a Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) Portal, a web-based system for managing registration of Grade 6 learners for KPSEA. Schools shall be required to log into the KNEC CBA portal using their Assessment Centre log-in credentials (Username and Password) to register the learners under KPSEA Portal. The system has an audit trail to track actions performed by users for accountability to ensure data integrity.


Accessing the CBA portal to access KPSEA portal
KPSEA Portal is accessible upon logging into the CBA portal which is accessible using:
1. CBA Portal URL/weblink:
2. KNEC Website URL: then click on the CBA Portal button/link.
3. KNEC-Portal URL: then click on the button/link

Login Credentials

Upon accessing the CBA Portal, Schools shall only login into the portal using valid CBA login
credentials (Username and Password).

PASSWORD SECURITY: Keep It Secure, Safe and Private. Sharing your Username and Password
may seem harmless, but it can open up unauthorized access to confidential data.

CBA Portal Login Page

CBA Portal Login page below shall be generated upon accessing the CBA Portal.
To login into CBA Portal, enter valid Username and Password as shown below.

CBA Portal Login Page

Click the login button to access CBA portal home page.

In case you have a challenge logging into the CBA portal e.g. Unregistered school code or
forgotten your password, click on the button.

A pop up message “Kindly Contact your Area SCDE to Register your school for the KNEC Code which
is the Username and you will also be provided with a Password after Registration. If Forgotten
Password kindly Contact your Area SCDE For a New Password” shall be displayed for your action as advised. You shall therefore login into the CBA portal upon acquiring the login