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The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is a hub for interaction about the higher education sector in Malawi. Via the www nche com website, students could access resources on how to apply for Public University Selection, visit the Ministry of Education portal, Students Loans and Grants Board portal, Malawi National Examinations Board portal and finally the Malawi Institute of Legal Education website. However in this post we will be discussing on the Public university selection. So read on……

Public University Selection

A total of 188 programmes are on offer in the 2022/2023 harmonised Public University Selection. The 188 programmes are all the six Public universities. These presents you with a wide range of choices, you can explorer more about these programmes through the tabs below.

By University

Do you aspire to study at a specific university of your choice? Explore what universities offer.

By Discipline

Do you have a career path in mind and would like to know more option within your career?. View programmes based on their descipline.

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These guidelines are to guide you as you contemplate choosing the six (6) programmes you would like to pursue. This system has a decision support feature in which the programmes presented to you are only those you qualify for based on the subjects and grades that you provide.

Minimum entry requirements

    • You must be a holder of MSCE, IGSCE or any other internationally recognised qualification comparable to ‘O’ level certificates with at least six credit passes (a minimum of grade ‘6’ at MSCE or ‘C’ at IGCSE) including English Language obtained in 2020, 2021 or 2022. The following is the interpretation of IGCSE and O-Level results for admission purposes: A*(90-100) =1; A(80-89)=2; B(70-79)=3; C(60-69)=5; D(55-59) and E(49-54)=7; F(40-48) and G(34-39)=8; O(0-33)=9
    • Candidates who failed to satisfy the admission into public universities in 2020 or 2021 but successfully improved their grades after re-sitting a maximum of four subjects in 2020 or 2022 may use their supplementary statements for purposes of accumulating credits. Candidates cannot combine grades from two or three independent certificates, i.e. candidates who reattempted MSCE in 2021 and obtained a full certificate cannot combine grades from the 2020 or 2021 and obtain a full certificate for purposes of accumulating credits.
    • Candidates with A-Level qualifications must have a minimum of three principal passes with an aggregate of at least 9 points obtained in 2020, 2021 or 2022. For purposes of selection, A-Level grades are interpreted as follows: E=1; D=2; C=3; B=4; A=5; A*=6 (Please note the difference in the interpretation of A-Level grades from those for IGCSE or O-Level grades). Furthermore, candidates must have attained the appropriate grades for the subjects relevant to the programme(s) they are applying for at O-Level.
    • Candidates with an International Baccalaureate (IB) must have a minimum of 30 points obtained in the current year or the last two years.
    • Candidates with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) must have a minimum score of 60% (Achievement Level 5) in four designated subjects obtained in 2020, 2021 or 2022.
    • In addition to the minimum entry requirements, candidates must also meet the individual programme requirements as specified for each programme.
    • Please note that it is a criminal offence to use false information or someone else’s details or fake supporting documents as part of your application. If you are caught doing so, criminal charges could be leveled against you and any other party involved.
    • All candidates shall be selected as self-sponsored students.
      1. All candidates shall be admitted on non-residential basis. However, limited accommodation spaces are available in each respective university and candidates need to apply for those spaces following proper application procedures. Hence, candidates are encouraged to contact the respective universities once they are selected.
    1. If you are successful, you shall be admitted on non-residential basis. Issues of accommodation are the responsibility of individual public university and not NCHE. If you would like to be accommodated on University campus, you will have to apply for the same to your respective University/College soon after the release of selection results and if accepted, you shall pay the University for your accommodation and meals. Because the University shall not have the capacity to accommodate all selected students on their campus, allocation of University accommodation shall be done based on respective University criteria.


Candidates should note that from 4th May 2021, University of Malawi (UNIMA) which comprised of four colleges namely, Chancellor College, College of Medicine, Kamuzu College of Nursing and The Polytechnic was delinked into three different universities as follows:

  • Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) – This University has emerged from the joining of College of Medicine and Kamuzu College of Nursing into one university.
  • Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) – This University is what used to be called the Polytechnic.
  • University of Malawi (UNIMA)is now what used to be called Chancellor College.

Because of this delinking, there are now SIX (6) public universities that you can choose your programs from as follows:

  1. Kamuzu University of Health Sciences(whose programmes start with the code KUHeS)
  2. Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (whose programmes start with the code LUANAR)
  3. Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences(whose programmes start with the code MUBAS)
  4. Malawi University of Science and Technology (whose programmes start with the code MUST)
  5. Mzuzu University (whose programmes start with the code MZUNI)
  6. University of Malawi (whose programmes start with the code UNIMA)

You can apply by going through the simple 7 steps below. Watch a self help video on the step by step how to apply

  1. Step 1: Create account – Visit How to  www nche com website
  2. Step 2: Register Applicant
  3. Step 3: Fill in examination details
  4. Step 4: Indicate if you have special needs or not
  5. Step 5: Make Programme Choices
  6. Step 6: Submit application
  7. Step 7: Make payment


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