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How To Activate Makerere Student Webmail Account

How To Activate Makerere Student Webmail Account

One of the key accounts that a student of Makerere University will need is the Webmail account. You will need this for some reasons that include;

  • Official communication with Lecturers
  • Creating an account on Makerere University E-learning Environment (MUELE)
  • Accessing Makerere Wireless internet connection (MAKAIR)
  • For research purposes

We have uploaded a detailed guide that includes requirements for the account and well outlined steps on how to create your webmail account. The document can be accessed by clicking HERE or under the “File Upload” heading at the bottom of this page.

Requirements to activate Account

1. Valid student number and registration number
2. An active alternative email address (this can be Gmail, Hotmail or any other active
email address)


Webmail is a self-service system that enables any student with the necessary requirements to activate their webmail account.

STEP 1: Go to https://sso.mak.ac.ug

STEP 2: For a student select the “Student Account” option and the under its drop-down
menu, select “Activate my Webmail Account”

STEP 3: Provide the your “Student Number” and “Registration Number” then click on
“Submit Details”

Note: The system automatically generates a university email address for you in the format of [email protected] . Take note of it, it’s your Makerere email address.

STEP 4: Provide your active “alternative email” address and “a strong password”
• Alternative Email address

This is the email address through which a password recovery token will be sent in future
when you need to change or recover your password. Make sure that you have access to the
“Alternative email address” you provide.
• Password
This is the password associated with your university email address (For webmail and
The password format expected must be atleast 8 characters in length, containing atleast one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one special character (such as !, @, #, $, %, *, or any other ), example for the password can be peteR@1#.

STEP 5: Validating the Alternative email
A validation code will be sent to the alternation email address provided. Check for the code
on your email, If it does not appear directly to your inbox, check through the SPAM Folder.
The code will appear in the format bellow

Input it to the field provided and after that, click the “Activate” button

After falling all the above steps, your webmail account will be activated and a Congratulatory message will appear.

Go to https://webmail.mak.ac.ug
The Username is your university email address and Password is the password you created for the email. After filling the fields, click “Login” and you will be there.

You can also watch a video to guide you by clicking HERE.

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