How To Apply for SASSA Grant this 2023

SASSA Latest News On April 2023 R350 Grant Appeal

How To Apply for SASSA Grant this 2023

In todays latest SASSA News Updates – More than 18 million vulnerable South Africans receive permanent grants annually from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). Monthly stipends allow recipients to put money toward food, housing, transportation, and other necessities.

Sassa offers several different types of permanent grants, including those for the elderly, the disabled, military veterans, foster children, parents, and those who pay child support or receive a Child Support Grant supplement.

You can begin Sassa grant applications if you feel you qualify for one.

Where to Find the Sassa Grant Application
The local Sassa office is the best place to inquire about available grants and submit an application. There are 46 district offices and 9 regional Sassa offices across the country to help people who are applying for grants.

Those who are too frail or ill to make the trip to the office themselves can ask a friend or family member to fill out the application on their behalf. They need a letter from you approving the grant application before they can submit it.

Numerous grant programs now offer electronic application submission. On the Sassa services website, you can submit an application for an Elderly Person Grant, a Child Support Grant, or a Foster Child Grant.

When you apply for a Sassa grant, you will receive a receipt or reference number to verify your application. Please keep your receipt/reference safe as it serves as your application’s sole proof of submission.
It’s worth emphasizing that submitting an application for a Sassa grant costs nothing. The application process for grants is free of charge.

If your grant applications are approved by Sassa, you will begin receiving payments as of the date you submitted your final, fully-completed application, with the exception of foster child grants. Financial support for fostered children begins on the date of the judge’s order.

Sassa is obligated to provide you with a written explanation of their decision if they deny your application. You have the option to file an appeal if you disagree with the verdict.

If you wish to file an appeal regarding your Sassa grant, you should consult with the office staff in your area.

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