How to Apply for University of the Western Cape (UWC) Financial Aid

How to Apply for University of the Western Cape (UWC) Financial Aid

In todays latest UWC NewsThe University of the Western Cape (UWC) has made financial aid available to students who are academic achievers but financially lacking. Here’s how UWC financial aid works.

Established in 1960, The University of The Western Cape (UWC) is a dynamic institution committed to excellence in learning, teaching, research and innovation.

UWC have undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications available in 7 faculties. The 7 faculties include Arts and Humanities, Community Health Sciences, Dentistry, Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Law and Natural Sciences.

UWC has introduced Financial Aid, in an effort to provide higher education to students who are academically deserving but don’t have the financial support to study further. The students usually come from disadvantaged schools that withstand adverse conditions and a lack of resources but possess the will to succeed.

The financial aid works together with the different faculties and departments to assist students that are financially disadvantaged.

Services to students are provided by the Financial Aid Advisors, based in the Financial Aid office, behind the administration building (Prefabs) on the UWC main campus. Financial assistance is offered to all applicants who qualify based on the means test.

How To Apply

Documents needed to Apply:

  • Certified copy of ID for all members of the family living in the house; and/or
  • Payslips of both parents or guardians; and/or
  • If pensioner, must provide proof of pension income (SASSA letter); and/or
  • Bank Statements of income earners in the household; and/or
  • If own business, must provide last audited statements, and when the new audit is out for the current year, can be submitted for additional proof; and/or
  • Letter from bookkeeper or Accountant; and/or
  • Tax Assessment; and/or
  • If unemployed, an affidavit confirming this signed by the parent(s)/ guardian(s); and/or
  • If your family receive survival income from family, friends, community etc, please provide proof and an affidavit confirming this and amount(s)

UWC’s Department of Student Funding administers NSFAS funding as well as bursaries and scholarships. This means they are able to assist students with information on funding from NSFAS, bursary sponsors or scholarship opportunities where applicable.

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