How to Check UIF COVID 19 TERS Application & Payment Status

How to Check UIF COVID19 TERS Application & Payment Status

After submitting your UIF Application you need to log back into your profile after a couple of days to check your UIF TERS status of your application. Please note that if you have captured your employees manually (rather than uploading a CSV) your application will be updated faster.

Log on and enter your Username and password.

How To Check Your UIF Payment Status

Click STATUS in the menu bar and you see your UIF TERS payment status, amount paid and the processed date “Processed” means that the system has picked up the application.
If the Rand Value is zero, this means that there has been a rejection.
Please pull the Payment Reports to further understand why.


Click the green Successful Payment button and you will automatically download a letter
that you need to sign and send to [email protected] with
proof that you have distributed the funds to your employees.

– After you have clicked the button you will be able to see the list of employees that have
been paid and how much has been allocated to each employee
-Click the EXCEL button to download this list.
Click the red Declined Payment button and a list of your staff who have been declined
payment will come up onto the screen.

– Click the EXCEL button to download this list.
– Reasons for rejection will include:
1. “Employee not declared by the Employer” – you need to go to and declare these employees (if you have been
paying your UIF contributions). Go to Page 5 for a step-by-step on how to do this
2. “Application Not Processed yet” – you need to wait as payment should be made in
a few days
3. “Failed Branch Code Validation” – you need to go to your profile and update your
branch code on your profile to the universal branch code for your branch.

  • Absa Bank Limited 632 005
  • African Bank Limited 430 000
  • Bidvest Bank Limited 462 005
  • Capitec Bank Limited 470 010
  • Discovery Bank Limited 679 000
  • First National Bank (FNB) 250 655

FirstRand Bank –

  • A subsidiary of First Rand Limited 250 655
  • Grindrod Bank Limited 223 626
  • Investec Bank Limited 580 105
  • Merchantile Bank Limited 450 105
  • Nedbank Limited 198 765
  • Old Mutual 462 005
  • Sasfin Bank Limited 683 000
  • Standard Bank of South Africa 051 001
  • SA Post Bank (Post Office) 460 005
  • Tyme Bank 678 910

4. “Failed Account Verification” – your bank account details have failed verification.
Go back and edit them on the Covid-19 Portal plus email the bank confirmation
letter and 3 months worth of bank statements to [email protected]

EMAIL SUBJECT: Your UIF Reference Number + Bank Confirmation
(for e.g. 1234567/8 Bank Confirmation)
5. “Registered after the 15th of March” – this means that the employer only started
paying their UIF benefits after March and this means that they are not eligible for
the Covid19 TERS benefit.

What if one of my employees is not on either of these reports?

This employee was not loaded. Please load them manually rather than using the CSV upload as there are less likely to be mistakes made.

I have received payment but am not sure how much to pay each

Check the successful payment report where the payment is broken down by employee

I did not get paid as much as I was expecting?

The benefit an employee can receive under this scheme will be capped to a maximum
amount of R6,730.56 per month per employee. The maximum salary taken into account in
calculating the benefits will be R17,712 per month and the employee will be paid in terms
of the income replacement sliding scale (38%-60%) as provided for in the
unemployment act.

I need to add more people to my claim?

You are able to add in new people to your claim:
-Login to the Covid-19 TERS Portal
– Select – “Employee Details”
-Click the orange Add new employee button
If you are adding employees you will need to do this one-by-one rather than with the CSV

I have received confirmation that my CSV was uploaded correctly but
when I come back to my profile I see an error?
Employer not yet captured.If CSV file is sent. The file was Invalid and hence failed loading.
Please Resend the file.”

“No Employees Found.Add Employees”

This means that the CSV upload has failed. Please note the following:
• The system will not detect that the file won’t work until it tries to process it, only then will
it reject the error, which is why you may have received notification that the upload was
successful even though it has now failed
• Ensure that you created the CSV file correctly
• The most likely way to succeed is to manually upload employees one-by-one as there are
less chances of making mistakes
•If you have hundreds of employees then use the CSV file, just ensure you fill it out very accurately
What happens if the lockdown is extended?
• The UIF will make payment for a maximum of 3 months.
• If your organisation remains closed during level 4 lockdown, they will be able to continue
claiming for TERS (for up to 3 months)
• Applications for May have not yet opened. Keep checking the website for notification of
when it opens.


If one of the following happens and you need to repay the UIF:
1. You received the wrong amount
2. Some of the your workforce have come back to work since your claim, and you’ve paid all or a portion of their salary to them
3. You applied for the wrong people
In these instances you can make payment :
Unemployment Insurance Fund
Current Account
Account Number: 51420056925
Branch code: 23-31-45
Reference: C+UIF reference number
(eg. C1234567/7 )

1. Go to

2. Log-in or register if you have not done so before (you need to be the company owner)
3. Add your company to your profile

4. Then go to the declarations manager and click on your company
to see which employees are declared. If there are any missing, click ‘Add Employee’ (you can only add employees you have been making UIF contributions for)

5. You will need to add the following information about the employee
a. ID or passport number
b. Gross Salary
c. Salary after deductions
d. Physical Address (with postal code)
e. Postal Address (with postal code) – if different from physical address

6. After this is done these employees will be added to your profile automatically.
7. Go back to regularly to check the status of the
payment. Declarations can take up to 3 working days.

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