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How To Check UNEB Registration Status

How To Check UNEB Registration Status

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has released instructions on how to check a candidate’s registration status using the Short Message Service (SMS) app on a mobile device.  All mobile networks in Uganda offer the Short Message Service (SMS), which is a text messaging component of most phone, Internet, and mobile device systems that uses standardized communication protocols to allow mobile devices to send short text messages.

According to the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), all Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) candidates are eligible to use the service (UACE).

How To Verify Candidates Registration Status On Your Mobile Phone

If you want to check if a candidate is registered with the UNEB, you’ll need to know their complete Index Number. With that information in hand,

  • Type Reg,
  • Leave a space,
  • Input the whole Index Number,
  • Send the message to the universal short code 6600 from any mobile phone. Both the Center Number and the Student’s Individual Number are components of the Full index Number.

For PLE, for instance, you would

  • type Reg,
  • leave a space,
  • input the whole index number, such as 134569/001,
  • and then send to 6600.

Just like with Reg, leave a space, and then enter the complete index number, for example U0889/001, before sending it to 6600


  • Send “Reg
  • leave space
  • complete index Number e.g. U0787/501″
  • Send to 6600 for UACE registration.

Candidates and their parents of UCE and UACE students should double-check their registration information, including the status, validity of names, order of names, and papers registered for.

If there are discrepancies that need to be addressed, parents should notify school officials without delay. According to UNEB, once the candidate lists have been updated and cleaned up, they will be made publically available at the schools/Examination Centers and the District Headquarters.

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