How to Download NSSF Certificate

How to Download NSSF Certificate

How to Download NSSF Certificate. The online training on the National School Safety Framework (NSSF) and the Protocol for the Management and Reporting of Sexual Abuse and Harassment in Schools aims to unpack the magnitude of violence in South African schools, the laws and policies that guide identification and reporting as well as the steps involved in implementing the NSSF and reporting of violence using the Protocol.

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Violence in South African Schools
  • Part 2: A Systematic Approach to Violence Prevention
  • Part 3: Implementing the National School Safety Framework
  • Part 4: Management and Reporting of Sexual Abuse and Harassment in Schools

This training was developed in collaboration with the Department of Basic Education, Wits RHI and Bridgewater Learning with support and funding by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the cooperative agreement number 72067419CA00001.


Does Profdevplus offer certificates?
Upon completion of a course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can download directly from the site in pdf version and store it for your records.

It not only supports aspiring teachers to get ready to be a teacher, but also provides skills, knowledge and helpful tips to get a job. It also enhances newly qualified teachers and those aspiring to be teachers to gain training and development to be better equipped to do the job.

This is achieved in their own time, at their own pace, in a cost effective way.

Will my NSSF certificate be emailed to me?

No, certificates are issued automatically on the site. They will not be emailed directly to you, but can be accessed under your profile on the site.


My NSSF certificate contains incorrect information. What can I do?

There are three ways to purchase courses:

No problem. Certificates are issued automatically on the site and the information that you typed in for your registration is automatically placed on your certificate. If your name and surname are incorrect, you need to go to ‘my profile’ and correct it there.

Each course is individually priced. They each need to be purchased separately.

2. Category purchase
Users can purchase a category bundle. One payment for the category provides access to all of the courses in this category.

3. Special Bundle offer
Occasionally have special offers where bundles of courses can be purchased. One payment will allow the user to enrol in multiple courses.


4 .My certificate will not download or does not show. What should I do?
A: The issuing of certificates is automated by the system. Your certificate will appear in a separate tab on your computer or phone. Please ensure that your ‘popup blocker’ is not disabled on your device, as this is a common security setting and needs to be disabled.

5. : My certificate does not have my name and surname on it, or it is incorrect. What should I do?
A: Please note that the USERNAME you chose when registering will appear on your CERTIFICATE. If you didn’t type in your username, as your name and surname, when you registered, this can’t be changed. Once you have finished the course, email [email protected] with your NAME, SURNAME, and completion date with a screenshot of your incorrect certificate. We will then email you the new one.

The National School Safety Framework (NSSF) was developed in order to provide an all-inclusive strategy to guide the national department as well as the provincial education departments in a coordinated effort to address the violence occurring within schools. Part A provides a conceptual framework for a common approach to school safety. It offers a common understanding of school violence, within a broader context of violence prevention and safe schools evidence-based practices. The importance of safe schools to the development of healthier communities is discussed, including the importance of risk and resilience factors, all of which are important to achieving safe schools. A common set of definitions is provided, together with an overview of a whole-school approach. Some of the common challenges that are faced by schools in achieving safety for both learners and educators are discussed, as is the role of police in achieving a safe school. Part A is followed by Part B of the Framework, comprising the manual and implementation tools. Finally, the Framework includes a series of addendums, offering discrete, stand-alone training manuals and materials that cover specific aspects of school safety.

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