How To Sign Up Successfully for NENS App

How To Sign Up Successfully for NENS App

In todays latest Cayman News – We are listening to your feedback about signing up for the NENS App. A few people are experiencing the same error, because they are missing one step – Here is how you remedy it.
If you received the above-captioned error or Admin Log Version:, please ensure you carry out the following key steps in your registration process:

Sign Up Successfully for NENS App

Key Step 1: Please ensure your go to the website first and register by completing form. Please check box privacy notice, thereafter click submit
Key Step 2: Download the app from the store – Blackberry Athoc
Key Step 3: Open the Blackberry AtHoc app on your device
• On the registration screen, enter your email address and hit ‘send’ (This must be the same email address used to opt-in)
• Check your email for a link from the Blackberry AtHoc system administrator to activate your account
• Click ‘verify now’
• Once your email address has been verified, open the Blackberry AtHoc app and enter the organization code
• The organization code is HMCI
• Press ‘Send’
The screen will indicate that you are now set up to receive notifications
If you have any further issues, please email us at [email protected]
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