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How to Submit NSFAF Appeal

How to Submit NSFAF Appeal

How to Submit NSFAF Appeal – Has your NSFAF application to get a NSFAF Loan or grant been rejected? You still have a chance to get NSFAF funding by submitting a NSFAF appeal, here’s how

Should your NSFAF online application be declined, you can still have a second chance at receiving NSFAF funding. How? By submitting a NSFAF appeal.

A NSFAF appeal allows you to request NSFAF to evaluate your NSFAF online application again. This NSFAS appeal must be submitted within 30 days of seeing the rejection decision from NSFAF.

In order to appeal your NSFAF application, you must do so using the NSFAF student portal. You will then need to submit your appeal application along with the required information and documents. Also Read: Union Calls Out NSFAF to Pay Tuition and non-tuition fees Ontime

Applicants who were not successful may submit a request to NSFAF for their application to be reassessed. An appeal will be considered where and when there is an alleged error of judgement on the part of NSFAF (i.e. miscalculation of points, documents validations, policy deviation, etc.);

Here’s how to submit your NSFAF Appeal:

  • The applicant must bring the appeal within 30 calendar days of receiving the rejection decision from NSFAF;
  • The applicant must complete the NSFAF appeal form;
  • The completed appeal form must be submitted to NSFAF.

Handling of Appeals

  • Appeals shall be adjudicated upon by the Appeal and Special Consideration Committee;
  • An appeal must be finalized within 30 calendar days;
  • Once an appeal has been adjudicated, NSFAF will respond to the student in writing or via the student portal. Also Read: How to login NSFAF Portal

Visit the website for NSFAF Appeal Process

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