In order to increase the transparency of the Election Process, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has decided to make available, the Polling Unit Result Sheets (EC8A) on a public domain.
Therefore, for the Nasarawa Central State Constituency Bye Election coming up on 8th August 2020, INEC would be publishing copies of the EC8As on Members of the public who are interested in viewing the PU results can avail themselves of this opportunity. To have access to these result sheets, you are requested to:  Visit
b. Click on  “Create new Account?”

c. Fill in your details in the form provided and click on “Sign in,”.

d. Provide your State of Origin and click on “Continue”

e. An account activation email is sent to the email address provided in the form
f. Check your email and correctly copy out the activation code which will be entered into the textbox provided on the portal g. Click on “Activate”

h. This logs you into the portal and you can select the Election whose PU results you are interested in viewing

I. You can use the filter buttons to make the search easier.

j. Please remember to log out of the portal after use. Please note that no email address or phone number can be used to register on the portal more than once. Also, the platform provides information for research purposes, it is NOT for Election Result Collation.


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