Internet Society Early Career Fellowship Program 2023 Cohort

Internet Society Early Career Fellowship Program 2023 Cohort

Deadline: Mid-November 2022.

Internet Society Early Career Fellowship Program 2023 Cohort

The Internet is a resource of possibility and opportunity that has transformed our lives for the better. It’s where we collaborate, share ideas, and strengthen bonds. It’s where we work, learn, communicate, and innovate.

The Internet has flourished and evolved because of its underpinning ethos: an open architecture and a culture of collaboration for the collective good.

Increasingly, there are challenges around the world to the Internet’s fundamental principles. To help address these challenges, our Early Career Fellowship empowers a new, diverse generation of Internet champions who will bridge the gap between technology and policy, becoming advocates for the open, globally connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet.

Fellows will have access to Internet luminaries—today’s leading thinkers and organizations—while getting direct support to nurture their professional growth.

As a fellow, you’ll learn leadership, communications, and advocacy and project management skills, empowering you to bring your ideas to life.

The Early Career Fellowship offers unparalleled access to world-class experts, including American University’s Professor Dr. Laura DeNardis and eminent scholars from the Oxford Internet Institute. It also offers project management, advocacy, and diplomacy know-how, providing the foundation for fellows to become future champions of the Internet.

A cohort of 15 fellows is selected once a year to participate in the 5-month program. Fellows can develop their knowledge and skills through seminars, events, courses, discussion sessions, and project work. They will also have networking, mentoring, and collaboration opportunities. The program culminates in a final project presentation by each fellow at a closing symposium.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Candidates must be early career professionals working in the Internet ecosystem in a technical, policy, economic, or social capacity who have initiated or are interested in projects designed to grow or strengthen the Internet.

Candidates with the following are welcome to apply:

  • An undergraduate/vocational degree or at least three years of work experience in an Internet-related field
  • Less than ten years of working experience in an Internet-related field
  • An innovative and impactful project proposal for growing and/or strengthening the Internet
  • Reliable access to broadband Internet connection and relevant device
  • Availability to fully participate in the 5-month experience
  • Proficiency in verbal and written English

To apply, applicants must:

  • Commit a minimum of six hours per week for coursework, seminars, individual project work, and other program activities
  • Complete the required 5 months
  • Attend all required seminars or sessions and manage time zone differences
  • Become Internet Society members

How to Become a Fellow

The Early Career Fellowship is only available to Internet Society members. Not a member yet? Take just a few minutes to join.

After becoming a member of the Internet Society, candidates must complete the Online Application Form.

Candidates are reviewed confidentially through a multi-step evaluation process by the selection committee. The committee attempts to achieve professional, geographical, and gender diversity in the overall selection.


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