How to apply for a Job in Germany from Nigeria , Africa or a third world country

If you are a graduate and unemployed in Nigeria or a third world country you can apply for a job seeker’s visa to Germany and look for a job for 6 months.


If you have not yet found a job in Germany, with a job seeker’s visa you can come to Germany for up to six months to look for one on condition that you have a higher education diploma which is recognized in Germany.

The important thing in this case is that you prove to have enough money to live on for the duration of your stay, since you are not allowed to be employed during this time. Once you have found a suitable job, you can immediately apply for the necessary EU Blue Card or

or a residence permit in Germany – without first having to depart the country – and can remain in Germany while your application is pending.

This provision applies to you even if you are already in Germany and previously had a residence title allowing you to exercise gainful

employment, but which is no longer valid. However, note that a residence permit allowing you to hunt for a job that corresponds to your qualifications cannot be extended. You can only apply for another if, once your residence permit has expired.

You can get more information by visiting the website for Germany migration and refugees here:

You can also read up the brochure on the legal requirements of residence
for third-country nationals.

Please when you visit this govt website,read and understand what need to be done to qualify you to apply. It’s important you pay attention to details

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