KASNEB Updates 2022 News

KASNEB Updates 2022 News

KASNEB Updates 2022 News

Kasneb Updates – In todays latest Kenya KASNEB news, we have collated the most frequent asked questions of late and answers surrounding admission letters, registration, kasneb form, kasneb fee option, exemptions etc.

Question: Hello, how can I get my Kasneb admission letter.

Kasneb: Hello, we only issue registration numbers. We have no provisions for admission letters.

Question: I need one to attach in the kasneb helb form

Kasneb: The admission letter applies to students who have selected the tuition fee http://option.You are required to attach the admission letter for the institution you intend to undertake your studies.

Question: So if I applied the Kasneb fee option I don’t need to attach any admission letter.

Kasneb: Hello,yes that is correct

Question: Hello, how can I register for professional course online, and how can I be excepted from some parts?

Kasneb: Hello ,yes you can register and apply exemptions online. Follow the link below for our student portal to sign up and create a new account

Question: Please specify the units in the sms I can’t clearly get my results.

Kasneb: Hello Kindly DM us your registration number and email address

Question: what of the May 2021 certificates, have they been dispatched to the addresses on email.

Kasneb: Hello Too, you will receive a notification via email once it has been dispatched.

Question: When are the certificates being given out for those who did exams on August?

Kasneb: Hello Winston,we shall comunicate once the certificates are ready for dispatch.

Question: After online registration what is the way forward?

Kasneb: Hello Akinyi ,you will receive your registration number after 48 hours via email once you have submitted the payment.

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