Kazi Mtaani News Today 19th July 2022

Kazi Mtaani News Today 19th July 2022

Kazi Mtaani News Today 19th July 2022

Kazi Mtaani  latest news today Those Kazi Mtaani Cohort 2 asking about your  payment, You only finished work yesterday. Kazi mtaani  have not even received the registers from the counties so just relax there is some admin work to do that will take 7 days max 10 days for you to get paid.

To all Kazi Mtaani comrades,  those with grievances kindly address them with your county implementation teams.

At National level we implement the registers as received from them. As of yesterday we sent back the returns to the counties on who was paid or not, how many days etc

Today who shall report; all those who worked in Cohort 1 (got sms); all those in Cohort 1 registers but didn’t get an sms to report to work for one reason or another and all those in phase 2 that applied for phase 3 but who were abruptly stopped after 5 days.

Supervisors are supposed to work through out the duration of the program. All those supervisors from both cohort 1 & 2 registers who didn’t get an sms are to report today also. Check with your local Chief’s office for the registers. They’ll be posted there

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