Kazi Mtaani Program for Young Kenyans

Kazi Mtaani News Today 19th July 2022

Kazi Mtaani Program for Young Kenyans

What is Kazi Mtaani?

#KaziMtaani is part of Kenya’s National Hygiene Program to protect vulnerable Youth living in informal settlements following stern measures implemented in the fight against #COVID19.

What does it aim to do? 

The program aims to provide social protection for youth whose prospects for daily or casual work has been disrupted by the containment policies put in place to limit the spread of #COVID19

How long will the program run? 

The program is in two phases, Phase 1 was launched on April 29th 2020 and ended on June 2nd 2020. A duration of 22 days. Phase 2 of the program is currently underway and ran from July 2020 for a period of 6.5 months.

Why was the pay in Phase 2 reduced?

In phase 2, the wage was revised down to Ksh 455 per day, to allow recruitment of more youth in other counties to also benefit from the program. Payments are made once a week through mobile money transfer. Also Apply for : Uwezo Fund Programme for Kenyans

What is the Recruitment procedure?

Selection is done through a committee that includes Informal settlement leadership, Settlement Executive committees, Nyumba kumi leaders and National Government Administration Officers (NGAOS) to avoid favoritism

What are the qualifications to join the Kazi Mtaani Program 

The program targets youth in informal settlements who are above 18 years. Those selected must hold a valid ID card and have a phone number registered for MPESA. The details in the ID MUST match those used for MPESA.

How many youth will benefit from the program ? 

Phase 1 employed over 31,000 youth in 8 counties while phase 2 will employ over 273,067 youth from all 47 counties across the country,

How much has been disbursed so far?

Phase 1 , utilized Ksh 632 Million, while phase 2 will utilize approximately Ksh 10billion , primarily used for wages for the over 270,000 workers for a period of 6.5 months.

Kindly Visit your area chief’s office for more Information on recruitment dates.