KNEC 2023 Grade 3 4 and 5 Assessments Via KNEC CBA Portal

KNEC 2023 Grade 3 4 and 5 Assessments Via KNEC CBA Portal

KNEC 2023 Grade 3 4 and 5 Assessments Via KNEC CBA Portal

To: All (i) Sub County Directors of Education (ii) Heads of Primary Schools (iii) Heads of Special Primary Schools
17th April 2023


The Kenya National Examinations Council wit upload on the KNEC CBA Portal the following:

Kenya Early Years Assessment (KEYA) tools for Grades 3 and Kenya Foundation Level Education Assessment (KFLEA) for learners with special needs and disabilities. 1.2 School Based Assessment tools for Grades 4 & 5.

To access the assessment portal, Headteachers are required to login onto the CBA portal: httos:// Any school that will have password challenges should contact their respective Sub-county Director of Education for resetting of the password.

Schools will be expected to administer the assessment tools, score and upload the assessment outcomes of all learners on the CM portal. 4.0 The assessment tools will be provided in two formats: PDF format and digital format through the CM portal https://cba.lcnec.acke as follows:
4.1 PDF Format.

Schools will be required to log in using the school credentials. (Username and password).

Schools will access the tools in PDF format and download.

The tools will then be given to learners in either print format, projected on the screen or written on the board. 4.1.4 Depending on the format adopted, learners may write their responses on the question paper or on the provided writing materials provided by the school.

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