KYEOP Latest news December 2021

KYEOP Latest news December 2021

KYEOP Latest news РFAQs ON KYEOP GRANTS Cycle 4 If you have not received any of the tranches: Fill your bank details on the following link Once we disburse the grant you will receive an SMS to go check your account.

I have not received cycle 5 or Cycle 6 tranche 2 only Did you get an SMS to go check your account? If yes, your grant may have bounced back. We have to wait for the bank to issue us with a bounce-back report then we will communicate to you.

If you did not receive an SMS, we are counter-checking your beneficiary status and account details. Once it is cleared we will send you the grant and send an SMS to check your account.

Tranche 1 is yet to be released. Once it is disbursed, we will send you an SMS to check your accounts.

Digital EAT and BDS are yet to begin. Once we are ready to begin, randomized youth will receive an SMS from both MSEA_KYEOP and 40270 to begin the training and test. Randomized youth have already received an SMS from MSEA_KYEOP confirming their selection status.

This is KYEOP Latest news this December 2021

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