Kyeop Cycle 8 Grants Orientation and Payment Update


Todays kyeop latest news – For the beneficiaries who are choosing their trades or courses. Below are some of the instructions to note. See the Trade Selection Guidelines below

Selection Guidelines

Below are guidelines that you should consider while selecting your training area and trainer selection:

  1. Select a training area that is in high demand or growing which will increase your chances of finding a job, use the Information above on areas with high employment results.
  2. Select a training area and trainer close to your location or in your sub-county to reduce the costs of your commute as KYEOP does not provide accommodation.
  3. Visit the Trainers (MC/FTP) you are interested in to find out more about the trainer and job prospects.
  4. Choose 4 different trainers (from one or more training areas) in the order of priority to increase your chances of participating in a trade of your choice.

It is very important that the above guidelines are followed. If you for example select a trainer whose location is far from where you live, you should be prepared to take care of the commute costs.

Note that visiting trainers before choosing them gives you an upper hand at seeing first hand what they offer allowing you to make more informed choices. It’ll also reduce the chances that you’ll ask to make changes of either trainer or trade because you’ll have already seen what is being offered before hand and decided what suits you best. Also Read: KYEOP list of training Areas and Courses

Selection Steps

After you have considered all the guidelines, follow the below steps to select your training area and trainer:

  1. Access the portal for trainer and trainer selection at:
  2. Login using your ARN and ID number. A security pin will be sent to your SMS.
  3. Enter the pin to proceed.
  4. Click on Trainer Selection Button OR Click on Menu > Trade Selection
  5. Filter the table by training area and county or use the Search field to search for a specific Trainer (MC/FTP) or trade. (Note that Trainer capacity rating are included. MC certification details are included as well)
  6. Select 4 different trainers (from one or more training areas) in the order of priority by clicking select button on the trainer name.
  7. The 4 choices selected are displayed under My Current Selections
  8. You can edit your selections any time before the deadline by clicking the clear button next to a choice option then selecting again.
  9. An SMS notification will be sent once the placement is done to notify youth on which of the selected options one has been allocated to.
Support and Additional Information
  1. In case of any assistance, please reach out to Youth Development Officers (YDOs) and County Project Coordinators (CPCs) for more information on training areas, trainers and accessing the trainer selection portal
  2. Your selections will be reviewed, and a Training Area and Trainer will be allocated
    You will be notified of the allocated Trainer, Venue and Reporting Time and Date via SMS
  3. You shall be allowed to interchange trade ONLY ONCE amongst the four choices; this should be on the FIRST WEEK of Training
Trade and Proficiency Steps

All trainees will sit for Trade and Proficiency Tests as applicable on their training area and trainer

  1. NITA shall administer the tests
  2. NITA shall issue result slip to all candidates and certificates to those who will pass the tests
  3. A fee of KShs. 5,000 to be paid for the Administered Examination
  4. The examination fee will be covered by the Project

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