Latest News About SASSA Grants today 30th October 2022

Latest News About SASSA Grants today 30th October 2022

The newest update on sassa grants is that starting in October, those who receive social assistance from Sassa will see an increase in their monthly stipends.

The South African Social Security Agency has announced an increase to social payments effective October 2022. (Sassa). That the R350 SRD award has been extended for another year is wonderful news for those who qualify for it.

Social aid spending in South Africa has grown by a small amount.

The following social subsidies will see increases as a result of the vote:
The 60-74 age bracket will see a rise from R1980 to R1990.
Age 75 and up will rise from 2000 to 2010 as the oldest age group.
The R1980 rate for veterans of the war will be raised to R1990.
A rise in disability from R1980 to R1990 is expected.
Dependence on others for care will rise from R1980 to R1990.

There has been no change to foster care payments, child support grants, or the Grant-in-Aid since the R20 increase in April 2022.

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