Latest News on SASSA r350 Grant Today 19th April 2022

How SASSA June SRD Grant Payments Got Delayed

Latest News on SASSA r350 Grant Today 19th April 2022

Latest News on SASSA r350 Grant The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has resumed the Social Relief of Distress grant payments. Here is why it is important for grant recipients to familiarize themselves with this month’s grant payments.

With the Easter holiday period having recently passed, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has resumed payments of the R350 grant today. Here is how the rest of the agency’s grant payment schedule looks for the rest of April.

The R350 grant payment dates listed below are arranged in a way that corresponds with the last three digits of a grant recipient’s ID number.

  • 19 APRIL: 082 & 087
  • 20 APRIL: 083 & 088
  • 21 APRIL: 084 & 089
  • 22 APRIL: 080 & 085
  • 25 APRIL: 081 & 086
  • 26 APRIL: 082 & 087
  • 28 APRIL: 083 & 088
  • 29 APRIL: 084 & 089

Grant beneficiaries should also wait until they receive an SMS confirmation that their R350 grant is ready before going to collect it.

If you collect your R350 grant through a bank account, you should be aware that there is no set payment date, and Sassa has promised beneficiaries that they will receive their money.

It is also worth noting that Sassa does not pay out the R350 grant within the same time period as other social grants.

It is also important for R350 grant beneficiaries to note that grant payments are not made on public holidays and weekends, hence no Sassa R350 grant payments have been made since Thursday this past week.

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