Latest on SASSA r350 Grant today 24th November 2022

Latest on SASSA r350 Grant today 24th November 2022

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) funds have been dispersed to many eligible applicants, as reported by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). Further action may be required for grantees who have not yet received their funds, they said.

Even though around 7 million people sought for the R350 grant and were ultimately awarded the money, many more had their requests for the essential relief mechanism denied. A R350 grant rejection may occur for a variety of reasons.

Sassa gives applicants an explanation as to why they were not awarded a grant. Applicants will be given feedback on what they can do to improve their applications for SRD grants if they are denied.

In the event that an applicant for an SRD grant is dissatisfied with Sassa’s decision to deny funding, they may file an SRD grant appeal.

Sassa has just announced that the organization has resolved all appeals for SRD grants. They said those who had made valid reconsideration requests had already been compensated.

All requests for reevaluation have been evaluated, and any approved ones have been settled.
Sassa further disclosed that applicants whose reconsideration requests were granted but who had not yet received their funds might have had problems with their bank account details.

Sassa and the National Treasury use bank verification checks to ensure that applicants’ bank account details are accurate before making any payments. The agency stated this could be why some applicants have not been paid.

Applicants for the Sassa R350 Grant should verify their banking information on the Sassa R350 Grant website.

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