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Latest Vacancies At South African Department of Employment & Labour

Latest Vacancies At South African Department of Employment & Labour

Various Opportunities exist at The South African Department of Employment & Labour. Interested and qualified persons are encouraged to apply.


  1. HR 4/4/8/100 7/28/2023          Deputy Director: Finance & Office Services 
  2. HR 4/4/05/10 (X1 post) : NO HR 4/4/05/11(X1 post) 7/28/2023 Counsellor Grade 1 (X2 
  3. Posts) NWP-MMAB-71917446-20230630-1 7/28/2023 Senior Practitioner: Accounts Receivable 
  4. NWP-RUST-91223270-20230630-1 7/28/2023 Claims Assessor Open
  5. FSP-WELK-21903875-20230630-1 7/28/2023 Medical Adjudicator: Professional Nurse (Grade 1-3) 
  6. NWP-KLER-29145643-20230630-1 (1X post): NWP-LICH-71917446-20230629-1 (1X post) 7/28/2023 BCEA Inspector: IES (X2 Posts) 
  7. FSP-BLOE-21456216-20230629-1 7/28/2023 UI Claims Officer 
  8. FSP-KROO-28270771-20230629-1 7/28/2023 Client Services Officer: Registration Services ESSA 
  9. NWP-MMAB-71917446-20230630-2 7/28/2023 Accounts and Booking Clerk 
  10. HR4/4/8/42 7/21/2023 Psychometrist / Registered Counsellor
  11. Kimberley- Ref No: HR4/4/8/40 / Postmansburg-Ref No: HR 4/4/8/41 7/21/2023 Deputy
  12. Director: Labour Centre Operations (X2 Posts)



Vacancies advertised on the website are also available on the Department of Public Service (DPSA)’s Public Service Vacancy Circular. To apply for the advertised government vacancies one need to fill a Z83.pdf form.

Please see guide on Tips on how to complete Z83 application form for employment in Public Service . The Department has Career Counsellors who can assist on how to write your CV, prepare for interview and other career-related services, the service is offered for free to all including, unemployed and youth​

Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) has some employment opportunities that one can apply for; access the site to see other available job opportunities

Departmental services are FREE and all Employment Agencies should register with the Department. Employment organisations/ web/ social media sites should NOT  make jobseekers pay for the job opportunities as per Employment Services Act 2014


​The Department of Labour will play a significant role in reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality   through a set of policies and programmes developed in consultation with social partners, which are aimed  at:​

  • Improved economic efficiency and productivity
  • Employment creation
  • Sound labour relations
  • Eliminating inequality and discrimination in the workplace
  • Alleviating poverty in employment
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